Morso: Pizza for sharing

Pizzeria Morso opened on February 11, 2021 on St. Zotique Street, and Roman pizzas are the star of the show.

SoLit: Coffee under the orange trees

When you set foot in SoLit, located on Mansfield Street in downtown Montreal, you are dazzled by an oasis of oranges and light. There, they serve coffees, pastries and lunches to enjoy on site or to take away.

Ryōshi: Japanese snacks downtown

We're talking about Ryōshi (the little space at the front of the Japanese cocktail bar Gokudo), which offers great Japanese snacks downtown!

Kinton Ramen: Great ramen on Bishop Street

Kinton Ramen on Bishop Street is where you want to eat ramen in downtown Montreal. With its stylish and inviting decor, Kinton Ramen is a perfect destination for all ramen lovers.

Provisions Boucherie: a clever butcher shop

Provisions Boucherie opened its doors in June 2016. From the same owners as Provisions Restaurant, the small butcher shop/sandwich shop offers quality meats and products to eat in or take-out.

Café Vasco da Gama: Good sandwiches in downtown Montreal

Café Vasco da Gama is a nice place to stop in for a sandwich if you are in the heart of downtown Montreal. Located not far from its big brother Café Ferreira, if you are on the go and looking for a fast meal, this is the place for you.

Café Olimpico: Montreal’s landmark café in Mile-End

Café Olimpico first opened in 1970, nearly 50 years ago! Nowadays, this café on St-Viateur must be known by pretty well everyone but it is much more than just a place serving coffee. Olimpico is steeped in history and for many reasons, which is why we want to tell you the backstory.