Casse-Croûte aux 4 vents: A Baie-Saint-Paul classic

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The Casse-Croûte aux 4 vents is an essential gourmet stop in Baie-Saint-Paul. Located in a tiny trailer, it is without a doubt one of the best casse-croûtes in Quebec! The establishment has been in existence for almost 50 years and is unique: in a gas station, the mini trailer has mini tables inside, and you would think you were in another era.

Gaetane and Patrice opened this restaurant exactly 48 years ago and have since passed the torch to their daughter Audrey. The name of this establishment was found by pure common sense: the trailer being located at an intersection, it was only natural that it should be called that.

At first, it was just a minibus, but after only a few months, there was no more room to store anything. That’s why they parked next to the gas station. This allowed the snack bar to offer more space and to establish an outdoor area to take full advantage of the warm weather.

On the menu, veal burgers, poutines, fries, club sandwiches, pogos, and more. Traditional casse-croûte cuisine, but prepared on the spot with an emphasis on freshness. Indeed, even the salad is not mixed in advance and the potatoes are cooked exclusively in an oil dedicated to this purpose. Audrey herself says: “What I don’t eat, I don’t feed to others”.

This attention to detail has created a special bond with the clientele, friendships that see them through the ups and downs. They see generations of customers come to the trailer to eat, making for a truly heartwarming dynamic.

If you find yourself in the area, stop by the Casse-Croûte aux 4 vents, their hospitality and cuisine will surely make for a memorable experience.

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