L’Hamburger Pierrefonds: a new destination for smash burgers

L’Hamburger has captured the hearts of Montrealers since its opening on Saint-Zotique in 2019. More recently, the restaurant has expanded its reach with a new branch in Pierrefonds, providing a delicious stop in the West of Montreal.

Owner George Megas, who has made multiple trips to the United States, noticed a distinct lack of smash burgers in Quebec—a gap he quickly filled with the first location on Saint-Zotique. The tremendous success of this initial venture prompted George to broaden his vision to Pierrefonds and Blainville, offering one of the city’s best smash burgers to an ever-growing audience.

L’Hamburger‘s concept revolves around simplicity and authenticity. On the menu are smash burgers on potato buns, served with a decadent secret sauce, crispy fries, poutine, and indulgent milkshakes. The bold may dip their fries in the milkshake, and the adventurous might plunge their burger into it. George emphasizes the importance of consistency, stating that success lies in mastering the essentials. The Pierrefonds location is no exception, upholding this tradition of quality.

With limited seating in the cozy space, feel free to opt for takeout. With the opening of the new Pierrefonds branch, West Montreal’s smash burger enthusiasts now have another reason to visit L’Hamburger and savor their excellent burgers.

Happy exploring!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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