Chez Ma Tante : Same Hot Dogs and Smiles Since 1929

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Ma Tante stands as an essential institution in Montreal-Nord, celebrating the art of hot dogs and fries since its opening in 1929. This legendary snack bar remains steadfastly true to the recipe that forged its reputation: some of the city’s best hot dogs, divine fries, and the secret ingredient that makes all the difference—a contagious generosity of smiles!

Hot Dog Institution

In 1929, a cart was the necessary space to perfect Ma Tante’s classic hot dog. Every day, Aunt Marguerite and her husband parked in Montreal-Nord, offering their goods to passersby.

As the reputation of delicious dishes and friendly service spread, the couple transformed their business into a mobile trailer. After outfitting the interior with kitchen appliances, the trailer’s windows were revamped to serve hot dogs.

Ma Tante’s legacy quickly surpassed the confines of the trailer. In 1950, above the owners’ residence, she erected the iconic restaurant we know today!

It’s hard not to be intrigued passing by Ma Tante. The retro silver façade of the restaurant, illuminated by numerous lights and neon signs, sparkles with a thousand lights. The interior is equally inviting, with walls adorned with archival photos and remnants recalling the heritage of the city and the business.

Ma Tante offers various options to savor its delights—whether standing at the counter, taking a seat at one of the picnic tables set up in the parking lot during the summer, or opting for a quick order at the drive-thru. In short, there’s no valid excuse not to take a break and enjoy a delicious hot dog when passing by this institution!

You don’t change a winning recipe!

Ma Tante offers steamed hot dogs with Shopsy beef sausage, fries, and poutine. Without sacrificing tradition, the establishment offers some clever variations, such as Italian poutine and the delicious Michigan hot dog. Moreover, the cabbage used to garnish their hot dogs is homemade, adding an artisanal touch to the specialty.

Visit Ma Tante and experience something exceptional that brings together the Montreal community and snack enthusiasts for several decades!

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