Boucherie La Petite-Patrie: Local & ethical on Beaubien East

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For several years now, a service that was lacking on Beaubien Street East was a butcher shop worthy of the name. Since May 1, 2021, a trio of young enthusiasts have solved this problem by opening Boucherie la Petite-Patrie between Lanaudière and Chambord streets. Charles Lefebvre, Élisabeth Bahl and Sean P. McCoy are all graduates of the ITHQ in different programs. Charles studied cooking and then moved on to butchery, a field in which he has eight years of experience, notably at Boucherie Lawrence. Elisabeth has a degree in management, while Sean learned the art of service before moving into butchery as well during his career. Charles and Sean’s paths crossed and their passion for butchery and charcuterie led them to open the shop, with Elisabeth assisting them with all aspects of the business.

When asked what motivated them to embark on this adventure, Charles emphasizes the human side: “We wanted to serve people. Our goal was to have something familial and community oriented. Above all, we wanted to have fun by serving the people in the neighbourhood.”

Staying close to their values

In talking to them, we realize that what makes the partners particularly proud is the fact that they have opened a business that embodies their values. Boucherie la Petite-Patrie sells meat that comes almost 100% from Quebec and processes the entire carcass to limit food waste. All usable parts of the animal are used to make quality homemade products. This includes fresh pasta, sausages, charcuterie, and even dog treats! The owners are in close contact with local producers and are therefore very knowledgeable about the origin of the meat they sell. Elisabeth believes that the connection between producers and customers needs to be made easier. Part of her job is to strengthen that connection: “We focus on service. We want to educate people about our philosophy. For us, it’s important to be able to tell you that the product comes from this place. It’s a contact that is rewarding for everyone in the chain. A dollar reinvested here is worth much more than 50 cents invested elsewhere.”

The shelves at the butcher shop feature a wide variety of products that their employees are happy to help you discover. The service is personalized and very attentive. You can also find some seasonal vegetables on site, which also come from local producers. The butcher shop is also working on a canteen menu and ready-to-eat sandwiches that will soon be on offer. Sean will see one of his childhood projects come true: “When I was young, I wanted to open a sandwich shop. After 10 years of working in restaurants, I started a butcher shop. Chuck and I were always challenging each other, and we got better at it over time. We are epicureans and the customers see that. People in the neighbourhood needed a butcher shop. We are open to suggestions, we listen to people, and we want to grow with the neighbourhood.”

There’s no doubt that local residents are happy with the opening of Boucherie la Petite-Patrie. We can’t wait to see what this passionate trio will do next!

Photography by @butcher.montreal

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