Il Miglio Express: Fast, fresh & delicious pasta in Old Montreal

Il Miglio Express is carrying on the fresh pasta counter concept from its big brother address in the Mile End. The new location has adapted to the clientele of Old Montreal by offering a quick and tasty lunch option for the neighbourhood’s professionals.

The seasoned owners behind the project are Giovanni Rasile, Michele Mercuri, Claude Pelletier, Ray Manus and Francesco Terenzio (Club Chasse et Pêche and Le Filet). Also associated with Le Serpent, the small collective knows the world of pasta very well. “When we closed lunch at Le Serpent, customers loved our pasta and thought it was a shame,” says Francesco. The new express counter is the new reference for fresh pasta in Old Montreal.

A reference for fresh pasta in Old Montreal

Their second location also offers the same Italian cafeteria concept. Served on small trays, the dishes are tasty and comforting. The pasta is prepared daily in the Mile End. In the kitchen, Michele, Giovanni and Francesco put together an offer of traditional recipes that shines with finesse. The constantly evolving menu aims to encourage discovery. The house offers four new pasta dishes every two weeks, as well as a weekly special. The house specialty is the campanella dish which, due to its success, is a fixture on the menu. To keep up with the fast pace of the local clientele, the address also offers sandwiches and antipasti, including arancini.

As for the decor, it’s co-owner Claude who brought his signature sleek look to the space. Similar to the first address, the interior is refined, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Located at the corner of Wellington and Robert-Bourassa, Il Miglio charms with its large windows that fill the space with daylight. In the centre of the room stands an island that seats 15, while another 10 seats line a glass counter. While quite minimal, the simplicity of the address is balanced out by the big flavours of their dishes.

To drink, the house offers a small selection of wine and beer that are served in small cups—like in the cafeteria in Italy. Being a lunch counter, the focus is more on a few bottled drinks that are easy to take-out.

The new Il Miglio Express is a beautiful fresh pasta counter in Old Montreal, and the perfect place for quick and delicious lunch breaks in Old Montreal!

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