Le Falco: the superb hidden cafe in the Mile End

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Le Falco is a well kept treasure in the Mile-End where you can savour Japanese dishes and delicious and unique coffee that you won’t find anywhere else in the city! It’s also one of the most beautiful cafes in Montreal in our opinion!

Located at 5605 Avenue de Gaspé, Le Falco opened its doors in 2004. Falco means hawk in Latin, an animal that the first owners had seen in the neighbourhood at the time.

It was originally the restaurant of Yuko Toda and Frederik Fourment, who gave the cafe its name and concept. Yuko and Frederik had the cafe for four years, before being taken over by Jerome Mandel and Marie-Claude Dansereau in 2014. Since then, the couple has brought their 20 years of restaurant experience to Le Falco (formerly of Balmoral). On the dining side, Le Falco does justice to the bird that lends it its name: the falcon is an animal of prey known for its exceptional vision that allows it to see far into the distance. The layout reflects this idea: nothing in the space obstructs the view. The place is airy and communal; the large open space has an industrial feel and is filled with all kinds of objects. As you enter, you arrive at a counter where you can choose your meal. At the back of the restaurant is a more comfortable section, with large couches and canvases paying homage to the falcon, and a beautiful bay window (where the cafe gets its great light!) All kinds of people come here to work, study, enjoy lunch with a colleague or friend, or simply come to enjoy the relaxed, warm atmosphere and delicious offerings.

It is also great to see the action in the kitchen. The kitchen is completely open and allows you to observe the entire process. Chef Naomi Nonaka, supported by Ayumi Harada, prepares the meals. The menu is mainly Japanese, and the portions are on the delicate side. Featured are delicious onigiri – rice balls filled with different ingredients and covered with a piece of nori – and rice and vegetable don/bol. The house has vegetarian options for all its dishes, as well. Note that they do all of their food preparation every morning, which guarantees freshness, but also results in a limited quantity of items; when it’s gone, it’s gone. In this way, Le Falco ensures that nothing is wasted; no food is lost at the end of the day!

For sweet tooths, Marie-Claude makes delicious treats from her own recipes. The chocolate fudge and the chocolate ginger cookie – real delicacies – go very well with a small coffee. In fact, the coffee at Falco is quite an experience. Here, they prepare it using the siphon method, the only one of its kind in Montreal. It’s almost a science, and the curious can watch the entire brewing process from the other side of the counter. The result is a coffee that is less bitter than espresso and rich in flavour, with no residues or fat. We recommend a simple coffee rather than a latte. For those interested, Le Falco has a number of Siphon coffee makers for sale.

Note that the owners rent the space out on weekends.

What we like about this place is that it is a hidden treasure. Le Falco is an original, classy, yet casual cafe that offers its customers quality items in a bright and spacious environment.

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