Succeda: Italian conviviality on the North Shore

Succeda Succeda Succeda Succeda

Residents on Montreal’s North Shore who love Italian food will be happy to learn that a great address opened its doors in mid-February in Rosemère. Succeda is a project by Vianney Godbout-Lescouzères (Maisonnette, Coeur de Loup, Mignonette), Nick Bramos (Marcus, Toqué!), and their partners Nima Pouyamajd (Marcus), and Julia Spadafora. The quartet has a lot of experience in the business and it shows. The decision to open in the midst of a pandemic may seem risky, but it was all carefully calculated according to Vianney: “When the restaurants had to close for the second time, a combination of circumstances brought everyone together. We all had experience with a cuisine that didn’t export well, so we developed a project that would be viable at the moment and in the future. We found the location and the adventure began. The restaurant is named after an Italian expression that means “make it happen”. You could say that the partners took the expression literally.

The choice to open in Rosemère was a logical one for Vianney, who spent his youth on the North Shore of Montreal. Vianney says he has received an excellent welcome from the locals, who he feels are an ideal clientele. Although the restaurant cannot accommodate customers at the moment, the kitchens are still running at full speed. “Our bread and butter at the moment is the fine grocery”. Fresh pasta, foccacia, and homemade sauces are all products that fit the current situation. While take-out sales are doing quite well, that doesn’t stop the owners from getting ready to receive customers as soon as possible. Succeda is already ready to open and, including the terrace, it will have some 150 seats in a decor created and designed by the partners.

In the kitchen

Nick and Nima share the chef’s hat. On the menu, the Italian classics are well represented, as Vianney explains: “We make fresh pasta, short, long, stuffed … We have a foccacia factory, we have all the sauces, jardinera, bomba, etc. Also, we make homemade arancini, sausages, polpettes, soups, and soon sandwiches. We go back to the roots to offer happiness”. The restaurant also offers good Italian coffees thanks to its partnership with Fantini. Fresh bomboloni is also available every morning.

As for the drinks

Vianney is putting together a wine list that will put Italian products in the spotlight. “It will be 100% private importation, with 90% Italian wines. I’m looking for a nice balance between classic products and natural wines. This is my small project, I’m going to try to make it funky!”. The house will also offer cocktails on site when dining rooms re-open.

Succeda is an address where lively hospitality is expressed through precise and heartwarming cuisine. This is very good news for the people of the North Shore, but also for the people of Laval, who are only a few minutes away by car from this new gourmet address. We can’t wait to go for the full experience!

Photography by Succeda

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