Sandwicherie Sue Griffintown: A Third Location

Sandwicherie Sue, well-established on Beaubien and Duluth streets, expands its reach to Peel Street in Griffintown to offer even more Vietnamese delights to its loyal customers.

The project by Susan Lo and her partner, Luis Léon, continues to grow, and we are delighted to announce the opening of their new location in Griffintown.

The new Sandwicherie Sue is spacious and modern. The location, situated in the heart of this vibrant neighborhood, is designed to offer an experience true to what made the restaurant successful, with a dining area at the front. You’ll still find the delicious bánh mi, which rank among the best in Montreal, including the traditional one (liver pâté spread, BBQ ham, and Vietnamese sausages), that we adore. The bánh mi are served with house-made aioli, cucumber, coriander, pickled carrots, daikon, spicy mayonnaise, and jalapenos: a true delight! The generous space of the new sandwich shop allows not only for their famous sandwiches, spring rolls, bubble tea, soups, and salads, but also for an expanded grocery section. With hundreds of Asian products on the shelves, customers can now find a wide range of sweets, sake, imported beers, house-made products, vinegars, marinades, and much more.

Sandwicherie Sue completes its hat trick with its Griffintown branch and promises to make waves. Bon appétit!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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