Marché Hung Phat: The Legendary Bánh mì of Montreal

Since its opening in 2006, Marché Hung Phat has established itself as a must-visit for bánh mì enthusiasts in Montreal. Fresh, flavorful, and authentic, the Vietnamese creations from this establishment have been drawing crowds for many years.

1000 sandwiches per day

From the humble beginnings of the grocery store nearly 20 years ago, Marché Hung Phat has become a neighborhood staple. Today, they serve over 1000 bánh mì each day! Anthony, now at the helm of the family business with his brother, reminisces: “At the beginning, we barely sold 50 sandwiches a day. Gradually, the business gained recognition within the Vietnamese community.”

While the initial clientele of Marché Hung Phat was predominantly Vietnamese (at 90%), it is now known to all Montreal sandwich enthusiasts for the exceptional quality of its products. Anthony proudly emphasizes: “We now sell over 1000 Bánh mì per day, largely thanks to this success that attests to the constant freshness of our ingredients, which are continually replenished at our counter.”

The famous bánh mì from Hung Phat

The iconic bánh mì from Hung Phat boasts various elements contributing to their legendary status: house-made aioli and marinated vegetables, fresh and crispy bread, and a variety of protein choices (beef, chicken, tofu, pork, Vietnamese charcuteries, and more). The combination of these ingredients forms a perfect, addictively flavorful sandwich, unquestionably justifying their place on our list of the best sandwiches in Montreal.

Even more…

Although Marché Hung Phat is a grocery store/counter, it also offers the option to sit at one of the 12 available seats. In addition to enjoying their delicious sandwiches, customers can indulge in excellent soups (bún bò Huế), banh bao, Asian desserts and treats, both fresh and fried rolls, as well as the delightful Vietnamese coffee.

Let yourself be carried away by the discovery of this culinary gem!

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