Iconoglace Mile End : A Second Location on Laurier West

Iconoglace unveils its brand new location on Laurier Avenue West, promising a tantalizing summer filled with artisanal ice cream.

Anabelle Berkani, the woman behind Iconoglace, spent many years in the film industry and is a true foodie at heart. Dreaming for over a decade of opening an ice cream shop, she longed to purchase the nearby creamery. Inspired by culinary adventures through creameries around the globe, Anabelle’s culinary inspirations quickly took flight and gave rise to the Iconoglace we know today, offering playful yet delicious creations.

Everything is homemade, from the cones to the slushies!

With word-of-mouth and a growing reputation, the establishment quickly became a must-visit and one of the city’s top creameries. Everything is artisanally made in-house with excellent quality seasonal products. That’s really at the heart of their approach. Yes, it may be a bit pricier, but the quality speaks for itself! On the menu, soft and hard ice creams with bold flavors. However, the star of the show is truly their famous sundae, which changes every two weeks. “We try to vary the flavors of the sundae of the moment and not repeat them, but we also listen very carefully to our customers. When there’s a favorite flavor, we sometimes bring it back the following summer,” confides Anabelle. Little scoop: this summer, you’ll be able to enjoy the beloved flavors Fraise the Lord (New York-style homemade cheesecake, fresh strawberries, rhubarb compote, and almond-lemon-graham crumble) as well as Holy Cannoli (moist homemade pistachio cake, raspberry compote and mousse, mini cannoli filled with cream cheese, fresh Quebec raspberries, and pistachio).

Second location, same frozen delights

“We had the opportunity to expand Iconoglace, but we don’t want to lose ourselves in it, we want to remain true to ourselves and maintain the same quality,” emphasizes Anabelle. With the discovery of a new space in Mile End, equipped with a kitchen twice as large, it was only natural to open a second location on Laurier Avenue West. “It’s the neighborhood where I grew up, I spent all my twenties here so I have a deep attachment to Mile End,” explains the owner. In addition to being beautiful, bright, and spacious, this new space pays special attention to families with a dedicated area for young children. Also, despite numerous administrative hurdles, the new Iconoglace will have a lovely terrace at the back. That promises!

Have a great season!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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