La brume dans mes lunettes: a charming tea room and cafe

La brume dans mes lunettes

Located on Saint-Zotique Street East in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood, La brume dans mes lunettes brilliantly combines a tea room and a friendly cafe. This charming address is definitely one of those in the neighbourhood to try!

In winter, when you pass in front of the cafe, all you can see is a window covered in condensation. When you walk through the door, you discover a welcoming and charming cafe whose tempting smells waft from the kitchen and immediately whet your appetite. Part of the charm of the establishment is the beautiful wooden tables with numerous chairs and armchairs that encourage you to settle in for several hours. The place is bright and displays paintings by local artists; every month, these works are replaced by others and you can attend the opening of each artist.

Someone once said to the co-owner of the facility, “I don’t want to fight to see what’s behind the fog,” and he has been trying to see what’s behind the fog ever since. As a result of the owner’s studies in England and this story, the tea room (one of Montreal’s best) La Brume dans mes lunettes opened in September 2015. Not far from the Beau Dommage alley, a nice coincidence with their song Ginette: “T’as mis d’la brume dans mes lunettes”. With the dynamic Luc Sénéchal as the young owners, the tea room has quickly attracted a loyal clientele.

La brume dans mes lunettes offers a delicious English-style afternoon tea served with tea from the famous Fortnum & Mason and Sloane house in elegant porcelain china. Her Majesty the Queen ($45 taxes included for two) includes a three-tiered platter of savoury and sweet treats: we start with lemon madeleines, butter and lemon curd tarts, small cucumber sandwiches, mini bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, and pancakes with duck confit. Other tea formulas are also available, such as the Sublime Catherine or the Philip of Greece, to name but two. Here, we also savour some of the best scones in Montreal, accompanied by a homemade jam and fresh cream.

If you order the magnificent platter, don’t be surprised if they play a “God Save The Queen” inspired tune. It adds to the charm of the house and makes many smile! The menu also includes excellent daily specials, grilled cheese sandwiches and breakfasts. To top it all off, there are many pastries on the counter: chocolate chip cookies, madeleines, sweet and savoury scones, butter tarts, lemon tarts, and cakes. Under a bell, the divine Touriers pastries are also offered.

The establishment does not limit itself to the British tradition, however. You can also savour delicious coffee, and they make one of the best iced coffees in town, from Montreal’s Kittel Coffee.

La brume dans mes lunettes is also a great place to work. Whether at the counter, or at a table, they have little individual lights, electrical outlets, and overall, a lovely atmosphere.

Our favourite thing about La brume dans mes lunettes? The charm of the house! We also love the brightness and warmth of the place, their afternoon tea and their delicious homemade food – all at low prices. We also appreciate the attentive service and the kindness of the staff and the owners. We go back there (very) often!

Photography by Jérémy Dion

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