Great take-out for your picnics in Montréal’s parks

Parcs Montréal

Summer is in full swing, and as soon as the sun comes out, it’s time to get outdoors. Sunny days are a great invitation to enjoy the good weather in Montreal’s parks. And we’re spoiled for choice with all the greenspace on the island!

Jarry Park, La Fontaine Park, Molson Park, Mount-Royal, the Lachine Canal… there’s plenty of choice for a picnic with friends! What’s more, a picnic means good food without the headache. That’s why we’ve put together a list of addresses near some of Montreal’s most popular parks. No need to pack a meal at home, all you have to do is discover one of these delicious, mouth-watering places and take your order to go. It’s as simple as that.

Enjoy your picnic!

La Fontaine Park

La Banquise
This Montréal institution needs no introduction. La Banquise offers an impressive selection of poutines of all kinds that are super easy to grab and enjoy outside.

Co’pains d’abord
Located on Rue Rachel, Les co’pains d’abord bakery is a fantastic place to get a sandwich and some pastries on your way to Montréal’s mythical Parc La Fontaine.

Projet Pilote
Projet Pilote offers a simple, but effective menu with little protein and lots of vegetables. They even source some of their vegetables from their own rooftop garden! It doesn’t get more local than this.

Ma Poule Mouillée
For excellent grilled meats and generous poutines, head straight to Ma Poule Mouillée, one of the absolute best Portuguese addresses in town.

Épicerie Sue
Épicerie Sue is a must when you’re looking for delicious banh mi sandwiches on the go. Perfectly seasoned and always fresh, they’re an ideal snack for the park!

Petit Coin Dumpling
Some of the best dumplings in Montreal! The dough is thin and the mixtures tasty. We love the pork, shrimp and coriander dumplings, and their vegetarian options are excellent

Ma Poule Mouillée

Père-Marquette Park

Café Dei Campi
Two blocks from Père-Marquette park is Café Dei Campi, a completely vegan address. On the menu are several small delicacies that pair flawlessly with coffee, as well as tasty pizzas.

Isle de Garde
L’Isle de Garde is one of the best microbreweries in town. Canned beers are available for takeaway, perfect for summer days in the park.

Automne Boulangerie
Automne—which happens to be next door to Isle de Garde—makes delicious sandwiches and pizzas that are perfect for picnics. While you’re there, why not pick up some breads and croissants for later?

La Maison de Mademoiselle Dumpling
On Plaza St-Hubert, right near Parc Pierre-Marquette, sits La Maison de Mademoiselle Dumpling. Her Szechuan-style dumplings are out of this world!

Régine Café
Régine is our modern aunt who cooks well. She’s the queen of brunch. The menu features hearty, tasty and comforting dishes.

La Belle Tonki
We love La Belle Tonki for its Vietnamese and Cambodian fusion cuisine. Kimcheesy poutine (which won La Poutine Week 2021), Cheesy ramen, Burger bành mì, Phở Flintstone (a tonki with short rib!!!) and more.

Maison Chabot
Maison Chabot is a neighbourhood café. We come here for delicious pastries and superb coffee.

Cafe regine cafe montreal brunch
Régine Café

Molson Park and Beaubien Park

Elsdale is located at the corner of Beaubien and Louis-Hébert, near Parc Molson. Elsdale has some great take-out choices and excellent bottles to go with them. The coffees at Elsdale are great, and there’s nothing more refreshing than the café’s homemade lemonade on a hot summer’s day.

Sandwicherie Sue
Previously located between Beaubien and Molson parks, Sandwicherie Sue moved a little further west and is now directly across from Parc Molson. They make the same delicious sandwiches as Épicerie Sue.

Brioche à Tête
The new Brioche à Tête bakery is located right next to Parc Beaubien. It’s a fantastic place to grab a coffee and a famous brioche before heading to the park to catch some rays.

Mitch Deli
A Tastet favourite! On the menu, delectable and hearty sandwiches: fried chicken sandwich, BLT on focaccia and vegetarian falafel sandwich, to name but a few.

Pâtisserie Madeleine
Pâtisserie Madeleine offers excellent home-made pastries, as well as a delicious croque-monsieur if you fancy something a little heartier. A great place for a morning or afternoon snack.

Honolulu Poke
As the name suggests, this is a place where you can eat delicious, tasty pokés inspired by the flavours of Hawaii. You can also try their baos, soft hot rolls filled with crispy chicken and spicy homemade mayonnaise.

Pollo Gustoso de Campagne
This address is fried chicken heaven! It serves several decadent combos at affordable prices.

Mitch Deli

Jarry Park

Cantine Emilia
Cantine Emilia is a lovely Portuguese cantina whose chicken poutine is definitely worth a visit. Located near Parc Jarry, one of the city’s largest parks, Emilia has great take-out, and the chicken poutine is generous enough to feed two people.

Oui mais Non 
Oui mais Non coffee shop is extra popular with locals. In take-out mode, the café sells its usual dishes and has added a nice selection of Québec microbrewery beers to its offer. What could be better for an afternoon in the park?

When it comes to easy takeout, pizza takes the cake. Luckily, Vesta is just a few steps from Parc Jarry!

Dépanneur le Pick-Up
Everything at Pick-Up is simple, well-made and very tasty. You’ll find some of the best sandwiches in Montreal (including one of the best chicken sandwiches), not to mention one of the best burgers in town!

Épicerie Tran
Like its owners, Épicerie Tran is bright and welcoming. Everything here is homemade! On the menu: pho soup, banh mi, rare beef salad and other Vietnamese classics.

Comptoir Sainte-Cécile
Sainte Cécile is a small grocery store offering delicious sandwiches, brunches and small dishes perfect for lunch right next to the Jean-Talon Market.

Pain dans les Voiles
We come to Pain dans les Voiles for irresistible pastries (including one of Montreal’s best brownies), a few sandwiches, tartines and quiches and, of course, delicious breads.

Moccione Pizza
To satisfy your craving for pizza and good wine, Moccione is the perfect address! In addition to their delicious pizzas, you can also order starters such as arancini, polpette, stracciatella or seasonal salad.

Mlles Gâteaux
Mlles Gâteaux is a small, artisanal pâtisserie offering not only excellent cakes, but also delicious pastries.

Etna Pastificio
Etna Pastificio is a charming counter known for its excellent fresh pasta and fine products directly from Spain and Italy.

deppaneur le pick-up

Jeanne-Mance Park and Mont-Royal

Noren is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Montréal. Located on Rachel Street West, it offers excellent house specialties, including its famous takoyaki. An original option for lunch in Parc Jeanne-Mance or a picnic on the mountain.

Santropol is a small café offering simple, yet comforting cuisine. Nothing too complicated, just lovingly prepared soups, salads, sandwiches and more. Take note: Café Santropol has earned a place among our favourite healthy vegetarian establishments, as well as the best vegan addresses.

Patati Patata
Located on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, this iconic address is the perfect place to order fries, since that’s what it does best. Get a poutine or burger and head right up the street to the park!

Rôtisserie Portugalia 
This Portuguese rotisserie is one of the best in town, and its chicken sandwich can’t be beat! Rain or shine, be sure to stop by!

Edmond Café Cantine
Edmond Café Cantine is the place to go for a good morning coffee, an excellent sandwich at lunch, or to pick up a bottle of privately imported wine for happy hour.

La Croqueteria
La Croqueteria is a friendly address on Avenue du Parc that specializes in Spanish croquetas. A box of croquetas is the perfect thing to share in the park.

Chez Zac Pizzeria
Chez Zac is a pizzeria located at the corner of Duluth and Saint-Laurent where several vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options are available. We love the hand-drawn designs on the pizza boxes.

Omnivore serves up Lebanese-Montreal delights. Its diversified menu, rich in flavours and low prices make this place a choice stop for your lunches in the park.

Lucki Delite
If you’re a fan of Caribbean-inspired dishes, Lucki Delite is the perfect address for you. Try their delicious jerk chicken sandwich!

Capitaine Sandwich
As the name suggests, this address serves up succulent sandwiches! You’ll love the Big Nan and the halloumi. You can also enjoy a delicious homemade lemonade and their famous potato salad.

omnivore saint laurent

Laurier Park

Stella Pizzeria
Since its opening, Stella Pizzeria has only gotten more and more popular. The address is easily recognizable, as its windows are decorated with towers of pizza boxes that bring a welcome splash of colour.

Lapin Pressé
Lapin Pressé is THE place to find one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches on Avenue Laurier and maybe even the entire city! Grab one and make your way to Parc Laurier just a few steps away. 

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe 
Rhubarbe makes some of the finest pastries in the city. Plus, they also offer a variety of ready-to-eat options that are picnic-perfect! 

Tri Express
Tri Express is one of the best sushi restaurants in town. Opened by Chef Tri Du, the restaurant is now managed by his son, and the quality has never wavered. A fantastic choice for dinner in Parc Laurier.

La Grocerie
La Grocerie has a nice selection of sandwiches and salads that are perfect for summer. While you’re there, don’t forget a drink and a pastry! 

Fous Desserts
Fous Desserts is a charming pastry shop that uses top-quality raw materials to create light, tasty artisanal pastries. The place also offers a variety of succulent varieties of hot chocolate – some of the best in town!


Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier Park

Tacos Victor
Tacos Victor is a small restaurant offering some of the best tacos in Montreal! Plus, all tacos are served with fries. An original offer that we love!

BarBara Vin
Wine bar, café, Italian restaurant… this address wears many hats! We come here for our morning coffee, for a fresh pasta dish, for delicious viennoiseries, for a good bottle of wine – in short, to satisfy all our cravings! And it’s all delicious.

Cordova is a beautiful hybrid address in Saint-Henri, offering excellent Spanish-inspired dishes featuring local produce. The menu is simple, but full of freshness!

A wonderful little pastry shop offering succulent desserts with good coffee. For your sweet tooth or to finish off your picnic, head to Rustique!

Crèmerie Dalla Rose
Dalla Rose is nothing less than one of the best ice cream shops in Montreal! Their specialty? Delicious ice cream sandwiches made by the chef! The creamery also has plenty of options for vegans.

Arthurs Nosh Bar
Arthurs is a restaurant serving Jewish specialties. The gravlax sandwich, the breakfast sandwich, and the succulent schnitzel are a few of our favourites.

Fancy a fresh, and utterly delicious pizza? Head to Adamo! Everything here is homemade, from the dough to the tomato sauce. It’s not complicated: this is one of the best pizzerias in town!

Banks of Lachine Canal and around Atwater Market

Although it’s not a park per se, Lachine Canal is where friends and family in the South-West gather at the end of the day. For a great picnic, head over to one of the many places in and around Atwater Market

Clarke Café
Clarke Café has excellent Italian coffees and sandwiches that are perfect for a stroll along Lachine Canal.

Satay Brothers
This festive restaurant on Notre-Dame Street West is known for its tasty Singaporean-inspired dishes. Their grilled meats are delicious and a perfect snack—or meal!—in the summer. Try their summer kiosk at Atwater Market.

Head to Sumac for typical Middle Eastern fare. The delicious pitas make a dream picnic, and the portions are VERY generous.

September Surf
Serving one of the best coffees in town (from Anchored Coffee), September Surf Café offers a simple and delicious menu! There’s an avocado toast, a great fresh salmon bowl, a homemade smoked ham sandwich (one of the best breakfast sandwiches in Montreal) and much more.

Le Petit Sao
Installed at the Atwater Market since 2017, Le Petit Sao du Marché is the fourth address in a series of five. It serves must-try homemade Vietnamese cuisine in a warm, dynamic atmosphere!

Les Crazy Chickens
Les Crazy Chickens is a restaurant specializing in Korean fried chicken. Several parts of the chicken are on the menu, and six different sauces are available to give the pieces a unique taste.

Lulu Épicerie
Lulu Épicerie is a little piece of Beirut in the heart of Little Burgundy. You’ll find delicious Shawarmas, man’ouchés and many other Lebanese delicacies.

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