The Best Sushi in Montreal: Where to go 

Now widely recognized as the quintessential Japanese dish, sushi is a bite-sized dish of vinegared rice and sliced fish, often wrapped in a sheet of seaweed. Originally, the fish was stored between layers of rice in jars to preserve the protein. After a year (or more) of storage, the fish was eaten, while the rice was discarded. Legend has it that this practice originated in China before spreading to Japan. Later, the inhabitants of Edo (now Tokyo) added vinegar to the mixture to speed up the fermentation process. It was then that the Japanese began to eat fish with vinegared rice, leading to what we know today as sushi.

Montreal adopted sushi very quickly. Since then, it’s almost impossible not to come across small restaurants serving an impressive variety of these Japanese delicacies when wandering the city’s streets. Some restaurateurs go for authenticity, while others try to offer a new adaptation of the Japanese specialty. Sushi’s versatility seems to be at the root of Montrealers’ love affair with it, which can be enjoyed as much on a romantic one-on-one as on a Wednesday evening after a long day’s work. For some, sushi has even replaced pizza as the meal of choice when moving.

So, for those many occasions, whether unique or ordinary, Tastet has put together a list of the best places to eat sushi in Montreal.

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Enjoy your discoveries!

Jun I

Jun i is one of Montreal’s best sushi restaurants, if not the best in our view. Chef Junichi Ikematsu rates as one of the best chefs and has trained the greats of our city. The menu of Jun I is characterized by the indisputable delicacy of the plates and the freshness of the products used. The effort put into the preparation is incomparable, and it would not be amiss to think that numerous French cooking techniques have gone into executing these extraordinary dishes. Jun i is exceptional albeit coming at a cost as it is expensive, but if you have a special occasion to celebrate and you are looking for excellent sushi, this is where to dine. Highly recommended.

156 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Tri Express

Perhaps the name of Chef Tri rings a bell? Maybe you’ve seen the viral video of Radio Canada’s « Des kiwis et des hommes » (correct French spelling) about the palourde royale (Pacific geoduc, pronounced gooey-duck), from 2010?  Funny as it is, chef Tri is first and foremost one of Montreal’s top sushi chefs. Tri Du is of Vietnamese origin and these origins influence the sauces and dishes at Tri Express, his minute sushi restaurant, which he decided to open after first working in some of Montreal’s best sushi restaurants.  Order sushi to eat at Tri Express or use the dedicated take-out menu to order your own take away. The service is sympathetic and Tri Express counts as one of our favourites.

1650 Avenue Laurier Est

Restaurant Park

Park Restaurant is considered to be Montreal’s most elegant sushi restaurant and certainly one of the best. Located in the middle of tony Westmount, the sushi at Park Restaurant are the ingenious creations of chef Antonio Park.  It is not uncommon to share the restaurant with celebrities who also come to dine on this exceptional food. Park offers exotic sushi and sashimi that have been exquisitely plated. Yes, the restaurant is extravagant yet the quality is up there as well, so this could be the place to celebrate a very special occasion or just to indulge. Park Restaurant is on the list of Canada’s 50 Best Restaurants and included in the list of “Diner’s Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy Global Selection”.

378 Avenue Victoria

Saint Sushi

Caught between several BYOB places on ave Duluth, Saint Sushi prepares decadent sushi. With an incredible tasting menu at $23 (incl. taxes!), we accept all thank you’s!  The products here are all fresh, the sauces exquisite and we found the names of some makis quite funny –  « Tupac », « Bob Marley » and « Madonna ».  Alcohol is not served here and what is notable about Saint Sushi is the quality of the menu and the kindness of the staff who add to the festive atmosphere.  If you want an unforgettable feast to eat at home, everything on the menu can be ordered as take-away.

424 Avenue Duluth Est

Sushi Momo

Sushi Momo is an excellent restaurant specializing in vegan sushi and other Japanese specialities.  Sushi Momo opened in 2014 and is run by chef Christian Manuel Ventura Alatorre whose innovative sushi creations are very tasty indeed.  It is one of the first restaurants in Montreal to serve vegan sushi and amongst those with the most varieties. The menu formulas are also very affordable.

3609 Rue Saint-Denis


We enjoy dining at Mikado very much. The techniques of the sushi making may not be as classic as the other addresses above, but the menu is still delicious. Mikado’s products are fresh and of good quality, the sauces are original and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Mikado may lack the polished techniques but since they opened 30 years ago, their sushi, sashimi, teriyakis, tempuras, soba and Japanese appetizers have found many satisfied customers.  We can suggest Mikado if you would be looking for a sushi-tasting evening and, find it possible to hear oneself speak, and of course, eat well.

399 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Sushi Dépanneur

Sushi Dépanneur is a small location where excellent sushi is prepared. With its colourful lanterns and limited seating, Sushi Dépanneur serves several varieties of sushi and fish; nigiris, sashimis, hosomakis, makis and futomakis.  In reality, this is a convenience store, so purchasing several Asian gourmet products for home is always possible at the same time. Sushi Dépanneur is open every day except Monday.

928 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Maïko Sushi

A true West Island institution, Maïko Sushi offers Asian fusion cuisine that blends the elegance and precision of Japanese cuisine with the flavours of Vietnam. Chef Maïko offers an extensive menu of sushi, maki and sashimi, with many delicious house specialties. The spacious and elegant 175-seat dining room is ideal for festive gatherings and family reunions – especially since the restaurant has free parking!

3339 Sources Boulevard
Dollard-Des Ormeaux

Sushi by Scratch

Located inside Stillife in Old Montreal, Sushi by Scratch offers a tasting menu of 17 nigiris inspired by the “omakase” (chef’s choice) tradition. It features a unique and creative selection of top-quality products, including aged red tuna served with Chef Lee’s homemade soy sauce and fresh wasabi, Albacore tuna wrapped in sake-marinated nori and topped with ponzu, torch-cooked wagyu, and even more creations to please every palate. In short, everything you need for an exceptional gastronomic experience!

640 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Okeya Kyujiro

Okeya Kyujiro invites you to savour their flavourful dishes in an elegant and minimalist Japanese setting. In the Omakase formula, which gives carte blanche to the chef and his brigade, the meal here is divided into 20 courses. The team serves 20 small portions, all as delicious as they are intriguing and exceptionally rich in flavour! There’s plenty of fish, seafood, wagyu beef and, of course, wonderful sushi.

1227 Rue de la Montagne

Hidden Fish

Hidden Fish vaut définitivement le détour, une belle adresse du centre-ville que l’on adore visiter afin d’y vivre l’expérience omakase dans les règles de l’art! En cuisine, c’est le chef Haruo Ogura , véritable maître du sushi qui prépare de très appétissants plateaux avec de superbes arrivages de poissons.

1233 Rue de la Montagne

Okeya Kyujiro

Tous les amoureux de cuisine japonaise vont être comblés avec le restaurant Okeya Kyujiro. Le chef propriétaire Takuya Matsuda propose en effet une cuisine tokyoïte époustouflante. En formule Omakase qui donne carte blanche au chef et à sa brigade, le repas ici se déroule en 20 services, 20 étapes délicieuses, intrigantes et d’une exquise délicatesse.

1227 Rue de la Montagne

Bistro japonais Furusato

Le Bistro japonais Furusato est un sympathique restaurant de quartier de la rue Beaubien Est où l’on mange très bien. Sans artifice, le couple de chefs-propriétaires propose une cuisine authentique, fraîche et savoureuse. Une lettre d’amour à la culture culinaire nipponne. Que ce soit pour manger seul, avec des amis, des collègues ou de jeunes enfants, le Bistro Furusato est une adresse de choix.

1265 Rue Beaubien Est
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Photography by Jun I

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