5 Questions for Élise Tastet

In partnership with Nespresso, we sat down for coffee with our brilliant founder and CEO Élise Tastet to chat about her morning routine, her inspiration and her life as an entrepreneur.

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Qantu, cacao et chocolat: Love and cacao

As part of the gastronomic component of the Montréal en Lumière festival, the Office montréalais de la gastronomie has launched the 100% Montréal gourmet box. The goal of this box is to invite the hotel, organizational and business communities to promote the work of Montreal artisans, producers and processors as a corporate gift. Through this series of portraits, we invite you to discover them. We start off with Qantu, Cacao et Chocolat!

The art of the Afternoon Tea

We sat down with Fairmont Château Laurier's pastry chef to talk about her journey, her inspiration, and her undying love for afternoon tea.

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Isabelle Legeron: A story of wine, women, and convictions

The world of wine is fascinating. It abounds with inspiring stories in which wine is the driving force.Among them is the story of a passionate woman who has made a name for herself through her authenticity and uncompromising convictions. Isabelle Legeron is not only the founder of RAW WINE — which brings together natural wine enthusiasts from all over the world — but also the first and only French woman to have obtained the title of Master of Wine. For more than 20 years, she has dedicated herself to the world of wine, and more particularly to the world of natural wine. Here is a glimpse into her journey.

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Jason DeJordy-Morris’ Symphony

Like a conductor with an orchestra, Marcus Montreal's executive chef Jason DeJordy-Morris leads a brigade of 36 cooks. Interview with a virtuoso who's not afraid to improvise.

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