The Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Montreal

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Breakfast sandwiches are little bits of heaven in the morning, as they contain all the best things of a classic breakfast: bread (brioche, English muffin, bagel, multigrain, etc.), an egg (however you like it), meat (bacon, sausage and ham – or all three!), cheese, tomato and a little lettuce. The magic happens when all the elements come together in your mouth. The cheese melts over the cooked egg; the crispness of the lettuce contrasts with the juicy tomato; the meat is drenched in mustard and mayonnaise; while the bread does its best to hold all the ingredients and their flavour.

Breakfast sandwiches charm many sleepy Montrealers with their simplicity, versatility and of course, deliciousness. They can be eaten quickly on the go without compromising the beloved flavour of a classic breakfast. And with Montreal’s creative and talented chefs, breakfast sandwiches have become an art form where everyone is innovating by adding an ingredient that enhances the breakfast sandwich experience. The options are as vast as the imagination allows.

Whether you prefer the comfort of a classic breakfast sandwich, the decadence of a rich and imposing version, or the freshness of a light and healthy sandwich, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best breakfast sandwiches in the city.

Good morning and bon appétit!


We’ve told you about it a few times now, but this little place is just great! Larry’s is a cafe-restaurant-bar owned by the same people who own Lawrence Restaurant. In this nice and cozy space of only about 30 seats, you’ll eat one of the best breakfast sandwiches (!) in town. Plus, breakfast is served all day! The sandwich is made in a homemade bun, with Lincolnshire sausage, melted Valbert cheese, egg, mayonnaise, mustard and lettuce: and it’s to die for! It’s also on our list of lunches under $10 in the Mile End. Photo Alison Slattery

5201 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Beautys Luncheonette

Beautys Luncheonette is a Montreal breakfast institution. Open since 1942, the establishment has made itself – and Montreal! – known around the world! Since its opening more than 70 years ago at the corner of Mont-Royal and St-Urbain, the menu has not really changed; it serves generous breakfasts, brunches, bagels, smoked salmon and shakes of all kinds. There are several simple, yet comforting breakfast sandwiches on the menu, and our favourite is the Beautys Bonjour served on a bagel with egg, bacon and cheddar, and the BTL.

93 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest

L’Entre-pots Masson

L’Entre-Pots Masson is a friendly neighbourhood cafe and restaurant that offers heart-warming cuisine in a family atmosphere, and here, you’re served as though you’re friends. L’Entre-Pots Masson offers a daily menu that varies according to market products as well as a fixed menu for brunch. Their breakfast sandwich is the perfect way to start the day! The sandwich is filled with an egg, lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon or ham, and accompanied by good potatoes or a salad for about fifteen dollars. The staff is cheerful, accommodating and fun: adding a lot to the charm of the place. Photos Alison Slattery

1995 Rue Masson

Arthurs Nosh Bar

Arthurs Nosh Bar opened its doors on Notre-Dame Street West, in the heart of Saint-Henri, several years ago. The very popular restaurant is located amidst several expanding and popular businesses of the neighbourhood. The place has it all: great decor, attentive service and a hip atmosphere. Arthurs Nosh Bar is a place that offers Jewish specialties spiced up with Chef Alexandre’s vivid imagination and they serve a great classic breakfast sandwich on brioche bread. Alison Slattery

4621 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Olive et Gourmando

Olive et Gourmando has been around for over 20 years (!) and continues to be one of the best bakeries in Montreal. We come here to enjoy a great breakfast, have a coffee, or show our tourist friends how well we eat in our city. For breakfast, we savour the famous “Poached egg on your face” Panini made with poached egg salad, Louis d’Or cheese, speck, tomatoes, sriracha, fine herbs and toast. A hearty and delicious sandwich! Photos Alison Slattery

351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Le Elsdale

Elsdale is one of our favourite places. The neighbourhood bar was created as much out of love for the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighborhood as to fill a void in the area. We meet there for breakfast, lunch, cocktails, wine and supper. Among the varied offer is a breakfast sandwich, the Elsdale. You can never go wrong by going to the Elsdale.

2381 Rue Beaubien Est

Brasserie Le Réservoir

Le Réservoir is a brasserie and pub located on the Plateau Mont-Royal where you can eat small, delicate and delicious bites from opening to closing. On weekends, the restaurant also offers delicious brunches. In a refined and modern decor, you will be served revisited classics. We particularly recommend the breakfast sandwich, which is on our list of the best brunches in Montreal and which changes every week while keeping its basic ingredients: egg, bacon and tomato, served in a bun with sour cream and mustard. It’s topped with eggplant, kale or the vegetable of the moment. A must-try! Alison Slattery

9 Avenue Duluth Est


Hélico café is a charming address in the Hochelaga neighbourhood. Alumni of Bouillon Bilk, the young duo that operates the cafe is very talented. The cafe offers a short menu of simple, delicious and fresh dishes for lunch and brunch! David Oulu is responsible for the recipes that are savoured here; refreshing salads, cold soups and other delicious dishes. And what about the breakfast sandwich? It’s amazing: homemade bun, homemade big-mac sauce, smoked meat, egg and pickles… it’s a real delight! Photos Alison Slattery

2009 Avenue de la Salle

Paulo et Suzanne

Paulo et Suzanne is a snack bar that has been serving traditional Quebecois dishes since 1980. Open 24 hours a day, the place is reminiscent of the American diners of the 50’s with its retro decor. For breakfast, the snack bar offers three good sandwiches: the Supreme Croissant, the Super Bagel and the Grilled Cheese Breakfast, served with bacon and egg. Each plate is accompanied by their delicious homemade potatoes! In addition to making great breakfast sandwiches at low prices, Paulo et Suzanne is known for serving one of the best burgers in Montreal, as well as one of the best poutines! Photo Alison Slattery

5501 Boulevard Gouin Ouest


McKiernan Luncheonette is the new project from the folks at Liverpool House, Joe Beef and Maison Publique. Located on St. Patrick Street near Monk Boulevard, the new 7,000 square foot (!) address offers comfort food in a neighbourhood that needed it. The ultimate in comfort food is offered in the morning, in the form of a breakfast sandwich that’s to die for. As if we needed another reason to get there as soon as possible (it’s also on our list of the best caterers in town!). Alison Slattery

5524 Rue Saint-Patrick

Capitaine Sandwich

We love everything about Capitaine Sandwich! The sandwiches are just right, perfectly revisited and always tasty. Their breakfast sandwich is no exception. Named “Déjeunan”, the sandwich is made in a naan bread, with an egg sunny side up, cheese and other surprises! Alison Slattery

Rue De Bullion

September Surf Café

September Surf Café is a place where surfers and coffee lovers meet to chat and relax. The place has remarkable natural light and the atmosphere is very dynamic. The place has a few individual seats and a large communal table. Food-wise, the menu is fairly small, but consists of very well-made small plates using healthy, local ingredients – plus, their breakfast sandwich is among the best in the city!  Photos Alison Slattery

2471 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Clarke Café

Born out of Frank Servedio’s nostalgia for the days when he worked at his parents’ bakery, Boulangerie Clarke, Clarke Café opened its doors in Pointe-St-Charles back in 2018. The establishment leverages the baking heritage of its ancestors to serve divine sandwiches that revisit beloved Italian classics. If the breakfast sandwich has earned a premium place on Clarke Café’s menu, it’s because of its delicious brioche bread, Cajun mayonnaise, sweet pickles and crispy mortadella that perfectly complement the classic egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

1207 Rue Shearer

Station W

Located in Verdun, the charming Station W cafe is a gathering place for lovers of good coffee and good sandwiches. In addition to serving a decadent traditional breakfast sandwich, Station W offers a vegan version of its morning classic, topped with homemade vegan cretons and maple dijon. Something to convince even the biggest meat lovers!

3852 Rue Wellington
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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