The Best Bánh Mì in Montreal

Bánh mì a Vietnamese word meaning “wheat bread” – and also the name for the delicious Vietnamese sandwiches that are eaten if you are in a hurry. It may be a simple sandwich but Bánh mì are all about the flavours!

The staple of this food is the Vietnamese baguette, a legacy of the days of French colonialism in Asia. These baguettes are smaller than the French version and are made with a mixture of wheat and rice flours so the result is a thinner and crustier baguette.

Banh mi are filled with raw vegetables and meatballs (Banh mixíu mại) or pâté (Banh mi pâté). They combine French-influenced ingredients such as pâté, as well as Vietnamese-inspired ingredients like carrots, pickled white radishes, cilantro, soy sauce and meat. Banh mi can include other fillings too, like grilled pork meat, grilled chicken, Silkie chicken, sardines with tomato sauce or pork meatballs in tomato sauce. Mayo can also be added.

In Vietnam, these sandwiches are served with a spicy sauce made from a chili base but here, the sauce is replaced instead by sliced jalapeños. Another variation is found in southern Vietnam and western countries where mayo, butter and egg yolks are added.

The classic Banh mi is served with pan-fried pork slices, pork patties, pork liver pâté, pork bristle and head cheese. The veggie version (Banh mi chay) is made with tofu or seitan. And we are seeing a breakfast version more and more, made with fried eggs, onion slices and served with butter or soy sauce.

Banh mi are a bit like our basic ham and cheese sandwich and they are found on every street corner in Vietnam. It’s simple, easy to carry and ideal for eating-on-the-go. All the big cities in the US have adopted this delicious food and now in Montreal, several restaurants have incorporated Banh mi into their menus. So here is our list of the best Bánh mì in Montreal:

Tran Cantine

Tran Cantine is a small Vietnamese restaurant that opened in the late spring of 2017. It is located on rue Notre-Dame Ouest at the corner of rue Courcelle and every item on the menu is affordable. Everything at Tran Cantine is homemade, from the soup broths to marinades. The succulent Banh mi come in your choice of chicken, beef or pork and if you want, add an egg or some side-dishes to your order! These Vietnamese specialties are delicious and the service is exceedingly friendly. St-Henri will enjoy having Tran Cantine in the heart of the neighbourhood!

4690 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Sandwicherie Sue

Sue’s on rue Beaubien Est serves flavourful and hearty Vietnamese sandwiches!  In a nice setting, there are eight delicious Banh mi options on the menu to choose from, including the traditional (liver pâté, BBQ ham and Vietnamese sausages), a veggie (purple cabbage, cucumber, marinated carrots and daikon), Auber-Chine (Chinese eggplant sautéed in a Szechuan sauce) and Shiitake (fresh mushrooms sautéed in soy sauce). All Banh mi are prepared with homemade aioli, cucumber, cilantro, carrots and marinated daikon, spicy mayo and jalapeños: every one is a delight!Please note that there is another Sandwicherie Sue on Duluth Street!

2524 Rue Beaubien Est
Banh mi 79 montreal

Banh Mi 79

Báhn Mì 79 prepares some of the best Vietnamese sandwiches in downtown Montreal. The Báhn mì served here came recommended by several food enthusiasts and we were not disappointed! They are really fresh and delicious and the service is very friendly. Coming here for a quick lunch and a good Bành mí is well worth it.

79a Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Banh Mi Saigon

Located on rue Jarry Est in Villeray, Banh mi Saigon serves delicious Banh mi at low prices. Run by the former owner of Café Saigon, the choices include chicken, pork, beef and minced pork. There is also a special Banh mi with Vietnamese ham and pork, and nem (grilled Vietnamese sausage)! If you are in the area, do drop in and try these Bánh mì.

696 Rue Jarry Est

Café Banh Mi Linh

This unpretentious little restaurant on rue Fleury Est serves good Banh mi but there’s more on the menu to choose from : soups, noodles, rolls, stir frys and several traditional Vietnamese dishes. Café Banh mi Linh is one of its places where you eat well, discover delicious small snacks and all without putting a hole in your pocket.

2151 Rue Fleury Est

Boucherie Lawrence

Concerned about the origin of their meat, the owners of Restaurant Lawrence decided to open their own butcher shop and in June 2013, Boucherie Lawrence opened its doors. A butcher’s shop with a streamlined design but above all, offering local and organic products where you come to purchase meats, charcuteries and delicious sandwiches, all made with ingredients from small producers and very small farm holdings in Quebec. So you may ask why this is in our list? Because among their sandwiches, there is an excellent Banh mi!

5237 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Petit Sao

Located in Point-Saint-Charles, this charming restaurant offers a very tasty home-made Vietnamese cuisine. We come here to taste Pho soups, buns, Goi Cuon, Goi, Nuocs and of course, Bánh mi served with a delicious home-made baguette. The place is warm and friendly to enjoy very good small Vietnamese dishes revisited! Please note that there are several other branches of ‘Petit Sao‘ in Montreal and its surroundings

1870 Rue Centre

Bánh mì Bánh Yiu

Banh mi Bánh Yiu recently opened in Mile-End in a very nice space and with a friendly young owner. It is unique in the neighborhood, serving very affordable Banh mi such as satay chicken, Char Xiu chicken, braised pork, Chermoula tofu, avocado pâté, dried octopus and sweet potato noodle salads.

255a Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Pub Saint Pierre

The Pub Saint Pierre is a beautiful address in Old Montreal where you can eat very good food in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The atmosphere of the house is very friendly and the team’s welcome is very warm; this is surely why we find here many loyal customers. The menu leaves room for the creativity and spontaneity of the kitchen team. This approach is reflected in their banh mi, a somewhat revisited delicacy that has everything to conquer your palate. Photos Alison Slattery

410 Rue Saint-Pierre

Marché Hung Phat

Since its opening in 2006, Marché Hung Phat has established itself as a must-visit for bánh mì enthusiasts in Montreal. Fresh, flavorful, and authentic, the Vietnamese creations from this establishment have been drawing crowds for many years.

7099 Rue Saint-Denis
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