Restaurants open from January 2nd to 7th: a few suggestions

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From January 2nd to 7th, it’s a period when the streets of Montreal seem to take a breath, but also a time when many establishments choose to take a break to recharge and prepare for the promising new year ahead. As the first days of January unfold, we are often tempted to slowly recover from the intense year-end festivities. However, for us epicureans, the desire to explore new culinary horizons remains constantly present, not waiting for the calendar.

In this spirit, we have decided to highlight a special selection for the week from January 2nd to 7th: a list of restaurants that have defied the trend and are opening their doors, ready to delight curious palates. Whether you’re looking for a more classic atmosphere or rich and robust flavors, this compilation aims to be your ultimate gastronomic guide for this period. From the cozy atmosphere of Little Italy to the historic streets of Old Montreal, passing through the bustling energy of the Plateau Mont-Royal, every corner of the city hides culinary gems waiting to be discovered. Lastly, as this new year begins, we wish to extend our warmest wishes to all our loyal readers. May 2024 be gentle, flavorful, and full of delightful culinary surprises!

Every year, the gastronomic landscape undergoes a transformation, with the emergence of new culinary talents and innovative spaces. 2023 was no exception to this rule. Therefore, feel free to consult our lists of the 11 best new cafes, the 5 best new bars, and the 16 best new restaurants in Montreal for the year 2023.

Petit poisson dumpling

Discovering Petit Poisson Dumpling means diving into the subtle art of Asian flavors in the heart of Montreal. Renowned for its exceptional mastery of dumplings, this restaurant is a true culinary gem of the metropolis. It’s no wonder you’ll find it proudly featured on our list of Montreal’s best dumplings.

3936 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Épicerie Pumpui

With a palpable passion for traditions and exotic flavors, Pumpui has quickly established itself as one of our favorite Thai restaurants. Every dish is a celebration of freshness and balance, showcasing the skill and dedication of this must-visit establishment.

83 Rue Saint-Zotique East

Restaurant Maison Kim Fung

The restaurant Kim Fung, formerly known as Kam Fung, has been open for over 40 years now (!). Located in the heart of the Chinatown district, this unique establishment serves some of our favorite dim sum in the city!

1111 Rue Saint-Urbain

Bouillon Bilk

Bouillon Bilk is a must-visit in the city and one of the best restaurants in Montreal! Opened in March 2011 on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, this establishment has continuously impressed since its inception and ranks among our list of the city’s best chic restaurants.

1595 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Caffe un po di piu

Caffe Un Po Di Piu opened its doors in June 2018, offering an exceptional space in Old Montreal to savor delightful cuisine. The venue is stunning and, in fact, is included in our list of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal. If you’re looking for an address that will impress you, we highly recommend Caffe Un Po Di Piu. Whether for an aperitif or dinner, it’s a place worth trying.

3 Rue de la Commune Est


Located just steps away from Jean-Talon Market, Casavant offers a French brasserie experience that captivates with its splendid décor, welcoming atmosphere, and delicious menu at a great value. Note that the establishment is open 7 nights a week, making it one of our top picks for dining on both Sunday and Monday nights.

350 Rue de Castelnau East


The institution Leméac is a stylish French brasserie, one of the best, that has surpassed the 20-year mark. The restaurant remains as relevant as ever; its enduring popularity reflects the owners’ commitment to satisfying their clientele and delivering a quality product. Leméac is open 7 days a week and also offers one of our favorite brunches in the city.

1045 Avenue Laurier Ouest


Before or after a visit to the Biodôme or the Planetarium, a stop at Hélico is a must. This charming little café opened its doors on May 7, 2018, in the Hochelaga neighborhood. The place is definitely worth a visit and deserves a few minutes to enjoy its delightful treats of all kinds! It’s even on our list of top cafés for great food!

2009 Avenue de la Salle
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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