Hidden Terraces: the most beautiful in Montreal

Published on July 11, 2019
hidden terraces plus belles terrasses cachées montreal

Hidden Terraces: the most beautiful in Montreal

Luckily for us, Montreal is a city with an abundance of restaurants, each one better than the last. By the time summer rolls around, us Montrealers are usually blessed with terraces popping up all over the city! That being said, there are some terraces that are harder to find than others… but that usually only makes them more worth your while to discover!

We all know the terraces that take over the sidewalks in the summer and liven up the whole city, and of course, we love those a lot as well. Today however, we’re talking about the less obvious terraces – the ones that not just anyone will know about – the ones that are slightly more secluded from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. If you tend to prefer more intimate settings to enjoy your refreshments or catch up with a friend, this list will be your new summer go-to.

The addresses on this list cover all the bases of the ideal terrace criteria : some are small and some are large, some are colourful and some are minimalist. Whatever your style is, these terraces are all very beautiful, and the likelihood is that you dont even know they exist! With a few of these terraces are covered in flowers like a secret garden, and others have a more relaxed vibe with big picnic tables to share, the terraces listed below each have their own unique charm and personality.

We love them all and hope that you will like them too. Without further ado, here is our list of the most beautiful hidden terraces in town.

If you are in need of more terrace suggestions, check out our list of the most beautiful rooftop terraces, the most beautiful street-side terraces in the city, or the most beautiful indoor terraces in Montreal!

Bon appétit, and have a happy summer!

pasta at luciano trattoria

Luciano Trattoria

Luciano Trattoria is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in town. Located on Saint-Zotique street, the restaurant is easily recognizable thanks to its black façade. What is less easy to notice is the very nice terrace located on the right of the restaurant. Set back from the street, it provides a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and lets in just the right amount of sun. A perfect place to enjoy Luciano’s excellent cuisine!
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Vin Papillon

It is already widely known that Le Vin Papillon is one of our favourite wine bars. in the city, and with the opening of their summer terrace, we love the space even more than before! Of course, we can’t forget to mention the neighbouring restaurants, Joe Beef and Liverpool House, which are also icons of the Montreal food scene. These establishments are three of the best restaurants in Montreal, and they also have three of the most beautiful hidden terraces on the island! Vin Papillon is a paradise of all things organic, wine related, and delicious. Here, you can enjoy a very fresh and original cuisine. The three of these terraces are intimate, charming, and hidden away behind the restaurants, which are located on rue Notre Dame. © photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Boris Bistro

Boris Bistro has one of the most beautiful terraces in Montreal, no questions asked. Located in the Old Port, the terrace of this address has remained discreet enough to still be called a hidden gem of the neighbourhood – one of the many reasons we love it. The restaurant has been in existence for almost 20 years now, but their beautiful outdoor space has hardly changed one bit. The trees and natural light help make the space feel like an oasis away from the busy city. This terrace is truly a must during the summer season. Best of Quebec
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Les Rites Berbères

Quietly nestled in the heart of the Plateau, restaurant Les Rites Berbères is one of the best places to enjoy North African cuisine in Montreal. Here, you will eat traditional Berber dishes, including some of the best couscous in the city! The flavourful smells wafting out of the kitchen will pull you in off the street and onto the beautiful hidden terrace. Lots of greenery helps to make the space feel like as cool oasis – once you sit down, you want to leave. © photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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We don’t always think of Sherbrooke Street as a gastronomic stopover, but the French cuisine here is as good as it gets, and they’re not afraid to use local products. Olivier Perret, the head chef of the house, indulges his customers with a refined, fresh and tasty dishes. The elegance that characterizes Renoir is reflected throughout the whole menu, and in particular, the De-Light formula – a meal that combines gastronomy and dietetics. The terrace, located in the inner courtyard, is extremely comfortable and inviting, thanks to its colourful parasols and cosy sofas. © photo Renoir
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Khyber Pass

Khyber Pass is a friendly restaurant on Duluth Avenue that is also on our list of the best BYOBs in Montreal. Here, you will discover a comforting Afghan cuisine, with vibrant colours and flavourful spices. The portions are generous and the prices very affordable. The restaurant’s large terrace is simply magnificent.  Lots of pretty plants and colourful murals liven up the space and make it ideal for the summer season! Despite their laid back style, this restaurant is still a neighbourhood favourite. © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Escondite – Drummond

The second location of Escondite restaurant, located right on Rue Drummond and René Lévesque Boulevard, is just as fun and festive as the original. This beloved Mexican restaurant is the ideal place to spend an evening with friends, eating tacos and sipping on margaritas. On the menu, you will find an assortment of classic Mexican dishes that will transport you right into Mexico.  At the back of the restaurant,  you will find a charming little terrace that is perfect to enjoy on hot summer days, or under their beautiful lights when night time comes around. Once you get settled on the patio, its hard to imagine leaving! © photo Le Journal de Montréal 
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Biirū is an izakaya restaurant in the heart of downtown Montreal. Here, they serve very tasty cuisine with Japanese influences, and it all takes place in a charming and festive atmosphere. We especially love the Chirashi Zushi, the dumplings, and the and yakitoris! The restaurant’s wonderful terrace offers approximately forty seats and is just hidden enough that you’ll feel relief from the hectic city centre as soon as you arrive.
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