Provisions Bar à Vin: Exceptional neighbourhood address

Boucherie Bar à vin Provisions is the latest project from the Provisions 1268 team; one of the best restaurants in the city (and the country). Same neighbourhood (Outremont), same street (Van Horne), same quality (high), but this time with a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Provisions team—Pablo Rojas, Hakim Rahal, Evans Gubersky and Rafael Morales—has been joined by Adam Schiller and Alain Starosta (Comptoir 21). Alain is Pablo’s partner at Le Petit Italien on Bernard Avenue. This new Provisions project quietly began last year as the team took over the space next to the butcher shop. And in June 2019, the location opened its doors, but now with a nice wine bar to boot.

At Boucherie Bar à vin Provisions, you enter through the butcher shop; where the same gourmet sandwiches and excellent meats are available. The first novelty is the expansion of the open kitchen, which has been extended into the new space to allow room for the wine bar. Behind the black curtains is a 25-seat room that asserts its warmth in its masterful use of wood. You can be seated at the corner bar overlooking the kitchen, at an intimate table, or on the terrace which seats 20. Boucherie Bar à vin Provisions owes its relaxed decor to Félix Paré.

Charcuterie, meat & wine

The menu of the new Provisions is a four-way effort. First, Adam takes care of all the charcuterie. Next, Pablo and Hakim take inspiration from the butcher shop’s beautiful meat to create a menu that rivals the fine offerings at Provisions 1268. The result is a meat-forward menu with very light vegetarian sides. We start with oysters or other seafood, then we continue with a steak tomahawk or a brochette.

Finally, Alexandra Guay—who we knew alongside Vanya Filipovic at Joe Beef—curates the wine list. As in any good wine bar, it includes excellent accompaniments to what’s on the plate. Plus, note that almost all bottles are available by the glass, and the kitchen offer small bites while you sip your wine.

Much more than just a little brother to Provisions 1268, Boucherie Bar à Vin Provisions promises an equally remarkable experience in the charming context of a neighbourhood address.

Photography by Alison Slattery

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