Bar Mamie: Unpretentious neighbourhood favourite

Bar Mamie offers an experience centred on conviviality, a love of good things and the culinary traditions that shaped its owner’s childhood.


Originally from a small French village, Max Rosselin was raised on cheese and charcuterie. “My grandmother was a canteen cook. Skilled behind the stove, she prepared meals for all the children in the village. Bar Mamie is a tribute to my grandparents, who played a vital role in my upbringing,” confides the friendly owner of the establishment.

Charcuterie, cheese and small plates

Contrary to what its name suggests, Bar Mamie is actually a restaurant. People go there to enjoy their generous charcuterie platters and delicious, carefully-prepared dishes.

“We’re not aiming for gastronomy. We favour a simple, unpretentious approach, using fresh produce that’s easy to appreciate,” explains Max.

Easy drinking

The Bar Mamie formula is quite unique. The concept is simple: the more you drink, the less you pay! Four wines are offered “à la verse” (a red, a white, a rosé and an orange) and can be ordered by the glass, by the half-bottle, by the litre, and more, with prices decreasing according to your thirst.

The establishment also offers a small wine list that changes daily. “We were tired of the stuffy image associated with the world of wine. Our waiters are trained to present our products without resorting to technical and convoluted terms. There’s nothing snobbish about Bar Mamie; we talk to the customer to understand their preferences and serve them accordingly,” adds the engaging owner.

You feel at home at Bar Mamie. The team treats every customer like a friend or family member. It’s certainly no coincidence that the establishment has quickly become a neighbourhood favourite.

Note that the kitchen closes at midnight.

An authentic experience in all simplicity; or as they say in french, “à la bonne franquette“!

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