Mon Lapin: Instigator of fun dining

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Mon Lapin has forged its reputation as one of the best restaurants in the city thanks to its impeccable consistency on all levels. The restaurant on Saint-Zotique Street has distinguished itself since its opening by offering refined cuisine, personalized service, an exceptional wine list, and a unique atmosphere.

Leaving the den

Formerly affiliated with the Joe Beef group, the owners of the establishment decided to part ways with the legendary Montreal restaurant group, and fly solo. This move was necessary so that Mon Lapin could assert its identity and fully assume its mission. At the same time, the duo composed of Vanya Filipovic and Marc-Olivier Frappier welcomed three new partners, all of whom have greatly contributed to the success of the restaurant: Jessica Noël (co-chef), Marc-Antoine Gélinas and Alex Landry.

This new autonomy has allowed the Mon Lapin team to rethink the organization and hierarchy of the restaurant. “We can’ t forget that the ranks in the kitchen are a legacy from the army; this formula has always made me uncomfortable,” confides Marc-Olivier Frappier. “We are doing everything we can to break this dynamic and this rigidity that is not compatible with our human and entrepreneurial values,” he continues.

Thus, Mon Lapin has decided to adopt a more flexible management style and to flatten the hierarchical system that exists in most high-end restaurants in this world. This initiative has already begun to bear fruit: “We can see a stronger team spirit, an increase in creativity and initiative from employees, better productivity and a more pleasant team atmosphere,” says Vanya Filipovic.

An expansion and a new decor

The pandemic has allowed Mon Lapin to expand its space and give itself a makeover. Indeed, the expansion and the renovations would have imposed a closure of several weeks, which the restaurant owners would not have allowed themselves in normal times.

However, the new look of Mon Lapin suits it perfectly! With the help of Zébulon Perron, the owners of the renowned restaurant have hit the nail on the head by changing the ergonomics of the establishment while preserving its soul and energy. The decor remains sophisticated, elegant and welcoming.

A new formula

The restaurant has matured with the demands of loyal customers. Mon Lapin no longer operates on a “first come, first served” basis. You can now reserve a table at the address—great news!

Mon Lapin is known for its delectable sharing dishes, its magnificent wine list and its outstanding service. Rest assured, these elements are fixtures.

However, the restaurateurs have found that the majority of its clientele now come for the full dining experience. “In the past, we used to get a lot of people in for an apéritif and a little bite to eat. Those days are gone. We realized that most of our guests are coming for dinner. We had to make a few adjustments,” explains Vanya.

Based on this new demand, the menu at Mon Lapin now offers slightly more hearty and substantial dishes. “We still remain in the spirit of sharing. We have simply added a more gourmet offer”, says Marc-Olivier.

As for the menu, everything remains delicious, fresh, delicate and seasonal. The kitchen team works hard every day to present a menu that meets your expectations.

“We play a lot with the menu depending on the products available. Sometimes a dish stays on the menu one day and you never see it again. Some items last over time and stay for several months. We rely on our customers’ reactions while working with products that excite us,” says the restaurant’s co-chef.

Mon Lapin has taken a step back to welcome us with a team and a concept that is more vibrant and assertive than ever. The address remains one of our favourites and definitely one of the best restaurants in town!

The team is very proud of the progress made and the maturity that Mon Lapin has acquired over the years.

“It’s not fine dining, it’s fun dining!”

Bon appétit!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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