Best Bar Patios in Montreal: where to drink outside

Update 7 June 2019   |   Published on 25 July 2018

Best Bar Patios in Montreal: where to drink outside

Here is our list of the best bar patios in Montreal– or terraces as some prefer to call them – where you can sit outside and enjoy our city’s summer months.

The long summer days are here and Montreal’s sidewalks and streets are most definitely busy. The weather is nice and warm, and along with the great weather, Montreal’s patio season is in full swing! After months of cold temperatures, who doesn’t enjoy soaking up the sun while sipping on a cool drink seated at one of Montreal’s many outdoor patios? We’re hoping that Summer 2019 will be a good one so we can all take advantage of these patios as much as possible! With our warm weather rounding out to about four months, rushing out to the patios as soon as the nice weather begins, is just what we do in Montreal, and we stay there until the leaves start to fall once again. The city is full of bars of every kind to satisfy each and every one of us, and many offer spaces to bask in the warm rays of the sun. Whether it’s on the weekend or to relax after a day’s work, there’s a lot to be said for a pitcher of Sangria to share with friends and more friends, while seated on a patio.

Check out if you are looking for a cocktail, a glass of wine or maybe a beer to enjoy on a great patio. We have already put together ideal lists of the most beautiful restaurant patios in the city, the most beautiful café patios, and the best BYOB restaurant patios. We were missing a list of the most beautiful bar patios in Montreal, but not anymore! It’s a difficult choice anyway, so we’ve come up with a selection of bars, wine bars, and microbreweries that we really like.

If you know of other bars where there are beautiful patios to spend some time and enjoy a drink, please send your suggestions to [email protected] .

© Photo Bar Henrietta – Instagram


Agrikol only recently opened in The Village. This bar has a real far away “island” look, and serves specialities like jerk chicken, oxtail, etc. The decor is quite exotic and certainly original, and there’s always a lively atmosphere. Agrikol specializes in rum. The cocktails are good although more pricey than most places. They recently opened a charming small patio at the back. We suggest you stop in for a drink.

© photo Agrikol

Bar de Courcelle is a friendly neighborhood bar in Saint-Henri which has a superb patio! Micheladas, Sangria and good beer flow freely here. You can also order classic “coquetels” and some decent wines. The house also offers small snacks if you are hungry, and when the patio closes, head inside to take in the live shows which are always very entertaining.

© photo Bar de Courcelle

Isle de Garde bar is a neighborhood bar in La Petite-Patrie. They serve about 20 different beers from some of Quebec’s microbreweries, as well as several other private imports. It is a small place that exudes a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Not only is the beer very good, but the kitchen also serves some delicious food. During the summer, Isle de Garde opens a friendly and more intimate patio which is suitable for any occasion.

© photo Isle de Garde

One of our favorite bars in town has set up its patio and it is really very beautiful. Bar Loïc offers you cuisine of the gourmet kind, a superb list of natural, organic, agrobiological and/or certified organic wines, plus a few classic cocktails in a decor signed by the interior designer, Kyle Goforth. The patio looks out onto Notre-Dame West in an area that is undergoing some changes. If you live around here or are passing by, you really should stop in for a drink on their patio.

© photo Bar Loïc

Palco Bar attracts a younger crowd to rue Wellington who are looking to have fun. With its attractive decor and large open space, Palco is an ideal place for a drink in Verdun. The clientele are eclectic and the atmosphere is very lively. Recently, the bar installed a beautiful new patio at the back where there’s always a beer, cider, wine, etc. to order with a nice bite of something to eat. We like everything about Bar Palco and the service is always very friendly.

© photo Bar Palco

Bar Renard is another neighborhood bar in The Village! It’s a really nice place to come where the atmosphere is friendly and it’s easy to party. While we are here, we enjoy drinking a glass of wine or sipping one of Le Renard’s house cocktails. The bar’s patio is very attractive, and this can all be enjoyed if you are near the Beaudry Metro station, in the middle of the action found on rue Sainte-Catherine.

© photo Bar Renard

Brasserie Harricana brews a dozen homemade beers and adds some different ones every week. It is another of our favorite bars in town, thanks to the Alain Carle-designed interior, its most friendly service, and the most gourmet of menus. This is where to find all sorts of comfort food, as well as beers and ciders, and the prices are more than affordable. The bar opens its patio every summer, allowing us to stretch out and enjoy Montreal’s beautiful weather. We do love Brasserie Harricana, and can strongly recommend a visit.

© Photo Alison SlatteryInstagram

A pioneer in the kind of place where you can eat to your heart’s content! La Buvette prepares comforting “plates to share” in their bar atmosphere. The service is friendly, there’s a buzz and the glasses of wine are well-priced. We strongly recommend the chicken, fries and Greek salad, which are the house classics. The small patio overlooks ave du Parc, and watching the cars and people go by is part of the scenery.

© photo Buvette chez Simon

In a setting reminiscent of some cool-looking bars found in Berlin, Furco offers a formula of a “bar where you can eat well”. In a setting designed by Montreal’s renowned Zébulon Perron, the place is original, friendly and packed with downtown professionals, partygoers of all kinds and lovers of good things. To everyone’s delight, Furco has a superb patio overlooking rue Mayor, where all the downtown excitement and uproar happens, but … slightly off the beaten track behind the St-James United Church. Furco has a beautiful wine list and all sorts of different cocktails, try ordering their charcuterie plate, which is really good!

© photo Le Furco

We often tell you about Le Majestic, only because we really enjoy it here. The kitschy decor is perfect and it is always packed with lots of foodie fans. Le Majestique has put together a very interesting wine list together with a short menu to dive right into on any evening where imbibing in numerous drinks is the name of the game – they are known as one of the best bars for their food! The shucked oysters are excellent, their fries are some of the best found in Montreal, the baked whelk are remarkable, as are the other small delicious items found on their menu.

© photo Majestique

A classic bar that has been open for five years. Philémon is a just one of those nice places for fun times and for having a bite to eat. The menu is always enticing and there is a good, decent wine list. Interior designer Zébulon Perron has worked his magic with the décor, and there is now a very attractive small patio in the area leading to the entrance. We like coming to Philémon during cocktail hour, especially to party with Ariel Goldstein, the owner, who is often welcoming his customers into Philémon.

© photo Bar Philémon

This small bar on rue Mount Royal is unpretentious and is very well run! It’s all good – sparklings, white, red, rosé or beer. Plan B also serves cocktails and several different Scotch whiskies. The decor is attractive and comfortable, nevertheless, it’s the attractive patio tucked in the back that captures our attention, with its dreamy feeling of having escaped the noise of the city. Plan B counts as one of our favorites.

© photo Plan B

This great wine bar on rue Mount Royal has opened it’s patio for everyone looking to sip drinks under the warmth of the summer sun. Rouge-Gorge has a most interesting wine list that covers all wallets, thick or thin. There are many natural, organic wines and private imports, and some good snacks are also available. The decor is from the creative and highly regarded interior designer Zébulon Perron. Rouge Gorge is a nice wine bar with very friendly and capable staff.

© photo Rouge-Gorge

This neighborhood bar in Little Italy serves beers from some of Quebec’s microbreweries in a casual atmosphere. There are about 30 beer choices (yes!) listed on a slate, which rotate according to the whims of the brewers. Some ciders and wines are also available, but everyone comes here for the good beer. The patio at the back is simple, but fulfils everything it’s meant to do, which is evident because it is always full.

© photo Vice & Versa

The Waverly is one of those classic Montreal places to come for a drink, and for us, this means enjoying a good beer. They have just completed a kitchen renovation, and they now offer a wider menu with more suggestions and substantial dishes. Waverley’s patio is really charming and they definitely have one of the most beautiful bar patios in the city. This neighborhood bar often hosts DJs, it’s very casual and when we are there, we see a number of regulars, always a good sign.

© photo Waverly

Benelux is a craft brewery with Belgian roots and its wooden patio on rue Wellington in Verdun is the perfect place to quench your thirst with some great beer. Lots of students come here and they serve some really good small sandwiches which are very affordable. Benelux is not at all pretentious, and to sit on one of their benches under the shade of trees on a hot day, is nothing but enjoyable.

© photo Cabinet Braun-Braën

Alexandra Platz is a unique bar that opens when the good weather is here to stay. This bar in the Marconi-Alexandra district (next to Mile-Ex), is casual and the drinks are good. The inspiration for Alexandra Platz are the trendy and Bohemian “Biergartens” found in Germany, and you can expect delicious house cocktails as well as some lovely wines from local wine producers.

© Photos Alison Slattery — Instagram

Grenade is an oriental inspired brewery located in the Village at the corner of Ontario East and de Champlain Street. With its breathtaking terrace, the kitchen creates a menu with an Asian flare. Here, we eat well and in a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere. This is a perfect address to satisfy Asian food cravings, and enjoying them on a beautiful patio can certainly only make things better!

© Photo Grenade

Kabinet bar is a charming little establishment that embraces a unique 1920s Russian theme, and offers excellent cocktails in a cozy atmosphere. The Laurier Avenue West location has a temporary terrace of about sixty seats, which becomes flooded with sunshine all day long. They also have a year-round terrace for those who like to smoke, or for those wishing to have a drink outside, regardless of the season! Applause for multi-purpose terraces!

© Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram

Pelican Tavern, the new bar under the wings of  the Le Filet, Club Chasse et Pêche and Le Serpent owners, opened its doors on December 20, 2017.  This bar is a perfect place to watch sporting events and drink wine at at very reasonable prices. Of course, in summertime, the team sets up a magnificent terrace! The faux grass and chairs give the place a warm garden atmosphere, and also keep the vibe friendly and casual.

© Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram

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