Where to get great take-out when dining rooms are closed

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Below is a list of restaurants offering exceptional take-out. From comfort classics, to sushi, fine-dining meals, pizza and everything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


To kick it off, here’s a list of a few favourite spots of ours doing great take-out:

  • vinvinvin: On June 1st it was announced that the kitchen would be back up and running preparing take-out meals under the name miamiamiam — get it? The food is delicious. 
  • Casgrain BBQ: The take-out pivot of Vin Mon Lapin. The menu is all about chicken, both rotisserie and sourdough-fried, along with salads and exciting daily specials.
  • Chez Victoire: The excellent neighbourhood bistro created a take-out menu designed to offer a taste of Chez Victoire at home.
  • Elsdale: During the confinement, this small café-cum-buvette developed a menu of comforting ready-to-eat meals.
  • Mesón: To our delight, Chef Marie-Fleur is getting back into the kitchen! Her tasty dishes are now available in ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook formats at the Tapéo-Mesón Market. Thank you, Chef!
  • Darling: In collaboration with Majestique, the buvette is offering beautiful little take-out meals starting May 14th.
  • Miel: The charming address in Pointe-Saint-Charles offers a take-out menu under the name Rosie’s serving fried-chicken from Wednesday to Saturday!
  • Magnolia:  The Rosemont restaurant offers a new take-out menu every week. Additionally, some nice bottles of privately imported wine are also available for take-away, Thursday to Sunday.
  • Tinc Set: The charming and delicious take-out wine shop and rotisserie in Outremont by the owners of Alma.
  • Lapin Pressé: A cozy lunch counter on Laurier East serving some of the most delicious grilled-cheese sandwiches anywhere. 
  • La Fabrique: The neighbourhood bistro continues to prepare its comforting dishes adapted for take-out.
  • Lou: The casual snack-counter on Beaubien Street offers comfort-classics for takeaway.


The best-of-the-best take-out sandwiches: 

  • Provisions: The butcher shop/wine bar offers a variety of excellent take-out dishes.
  • Clarke Café: The best classic deli-sandwiches in town.
  • Falafel Saint-Jacques: Authentic falafel (with actually tasty gluten-free options) available for take-out or delivered to your door.
  • Mitch Deli: A fantastic new sandwich shop in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie.
  • Café Vasco de Gama: A nice spot to grab a take-out sandwich Downtown.
  • Beba: An Argentinean spot in Verdun that serves mouthwatering sandwiches and incredible empanadas.
  • Boucherie Lawrence: Incredible deli sandwiches by the iconic Mile-End butcher shop. 
  • Le Fromentier: The iconic bakery/cheese shop on Laurier East makes an incredible jambon-beurre on a homemade baguette.
  • Le Diplomate: Creative sandwiches like a pork ssam or the “duck club” on homemade buns.
  • Dinette Triple Crown: Come for the “Big Nasty” — one of the city’s most notorious sandwiches. 


Our favourite Asian restaurants open for take-out: 

  • Tran Cantine: Tran Cantine offers a full menu of delicious Ph, Bùn (vermicelli salad with grilled meat) and a decent selection of banh mi sandwiches. 
  • Satay Brothers: The Singaporean staple of Notre-Dame Street West offers its entire menu for take-out.
  • Otto Yakitori: The friendly downtown izakaya now offers Bento boxes for take-out. Soju and sake are also available!
  • Cafeden: The excellent Vietnamese café on Boulevard Saint-Laurent offers a concise menu of small dishes for take-out 
  • Joon: A new (greatly anticipated) Iranian restaurant in Little Italy. While the dining room is closed, you can still work through the excellent menu via take-out. 
  • Épicerie Pumpui: Authentic (read: spicy) Thai food and natural wine to-go in Little Italy.
  • HÀ: The Vietnamese restaurant that we all know and love is open for take-out orders.
  • Red Tiger: For the next month, the Vietnamese pub is offering its menu for take-out and delivery.
  • Doby & Andy: Traditional Cantonese roast pork and duck alongside other Cantonese staples, daily specials and a notoriously good fried chicken sandwich. 
  • Thammada: Thai street food on Bernard Avenue featuring a decent (and extremely delicious) vegan menu. 


Italian restaurants serving la Bella Cucina to-go: 

  • Mano Cornuto: One of the best Italian caffès in Montreal. Fluffy focaccia, homey pasta, and bountiful salads are all available for take-out.
  • Vesta: New York-style pizza by way of Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione. Some of the best take-out pizza in Montreal.
  • Luciano Trattoria: This jewel of la Petite-Patrie offers ready-to-eat dishes and sauces for take-away.
  • Bottega Saint-Zotique and Bottega Laval: Starting Tuesday, April 21, the pizzeria’s signature dishes will be available for take-out and delivery.
  • Moccione: Villeray’s favourite trattoria has reopened offering the house-classics for take-out from Thursday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Fiorellino:  The Downtown location is currently offering its full menu for take-out and delivery, the Laurier West location will be up and running on Thursday, May 7. Orders can be placed from Wednesday to Sunday from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
  • Antonietta: Offering a small but effective (not to mention appetizing) menu for take-out and delivery. The menu changes weekly with orders being taken Thursday to Sunday from 5 pm to 9 pm.
  • Kesté: A no-brainer when it comes to great Neapolitan pizza in the Mile-End. Available from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Stella Pizzeria: The pizzeria of choice on Laurier East. Take-out available 7 days a week.
  • Barcola Bistro: Fabrizio Capriloi’s generous cuisine is now available for take-out at this delicious Mile End bistro.
  • Elena: The pizza gods smile upon us as Elena makes their award-winning, wood-fired pizzas (including a meter-long pizza alla pala) and wine-list available for take-out.
  • Cantina Nora Gray: The iconic Italian restaurant is offering a menu of fresh pasta, seasonal salads and charcoal-grilled meat and fish for take-out. Wines from their coveted wine list are also available to-go. 


The best options for the freshest take-out sushi (and other raw delights): 

  • Jun I: Montreal’s finest sushi available for take-out and delivery from 12 noon to 8pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Sata Sushi: Hochelaga’s 100% vegan sushi restaurant offers its menu for take-out and for delivery via UberEats.
  • Saint-Sushi: Open daily from 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Westmount branch. To order call (514) 543-4814. Available for take-out and delivery.
  • Ryu: Both Peel Street and Westmount locations offer take-out and delivery.
  • Tri Express: Laurier East’s favourite sushi restaurant is offering its full menu (plus an Omakase format for up to 4 people) for take-out as of May 28th at 5:00 pm. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. All orders must be placed online.
  • Bistro Lustucru: While it doesn’t serve sushi, this raw-bar is known for its tartare which feature on their take-out and delivery menu. Orders can be placed from Thursday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Orders by phone — a 5$ delivery fee applies.


Looking for a restaurant that offers healthy take-out options? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Mandy’s: Multiple locations across the city offering healthy and gourmet salads.
  • Omnivore: The Middle Eastern restaurant offers its famous “healthy fast-food ” for take-out.
  • Tendresse: Serving a 100% vegan and eco-responsible menu for take-out alongside a mini health-food grocery.  
  • Venice MTL: This restaurant is known for creating beautiful dishes with fresh ingredients and features a take-out menu with plenty of vegan options.
  • Darna Bistroquet: For a taste of the Mediterranean, look no further than Darna which offers a take-out menu bursting with flavours and stocked with lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  • Bloomfield: A veteran of the healthy take-out scene, this Van Horne restaurant’s menu is packed with healthy and delicious choices!


Bring date night home with this list of fine dining restaurants open for take-out: 

  • Marconi: Mehdi and Molly, to our delight, recently reopened their beautiful restaurant. Orders can be placed directly at marconimontreal.com. Pick-up Thursday to Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m. 
  • Montréal Plaza: The bustling restaurant of Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson offers its menu (and wine list) for take-out and delivery!
  • L’Express: The beloved institution on Saint-Denis Street, offers a selection of classics from the timeless menu, individually portioned and ready for reheating. Call ahead to reserve your order as quantities are limited. 
  • Rose Ross: Taking the bull by the horns since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, a take-out service is in effect having recently added a selection of ready-to-eat dishes.
  • Hoogan & Beaufort: The celebrated fine-dining establishment offers a take-out menu of ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake dishes.  Free delivery (within a 5 km radius) is offered for purchases of $150 or more. 
  • Damas: The famous Middle Eastern restaurant offers you its complete menu for take-out. Orders may be placed from Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm to 9pm.
  • Rhinocéros: The beautiful market and take-out counter of Bouillon Bilk and Cadet.
  • Le Boulevardier: Hôtel Le Germain’s beautiful and inviting restaurant, Le Boulevardier, offers a three-course take-out menu every week with a choice of bubbles, red or white wines. 
  • Taverne on the Square: Home to one of Montreal’s best burgers, this Westmount stalwart offers a simplified take-out menu. 
  • Joe Beef: To the fanfare of its perennial guests the team behind Joe Beef has reopened their kitchen, inviting customers to choose from a menu of classic dishes. Pick up on site only — Tuesday to Saturday. Orders must be placed a minimum of 24 hours in advance. 
  • Ferreira Café: Take a trip to Portugal while staying within the comfort of your own home! One of the best Portuguese culinary experiences in Montreal.
  • Les Cavistes: Lovers of tartare and a good piece of meat will be well-served by this storied Ahuntsic restaurant. Remember, take-out applies to wine, so remember to take a bottle home too!
  • Le Chien Fumant: Located in the Plateau, this neighbourhood bistro offers beautiful dishes in generous portions, to-go.


Fragrant delights from the Indian subcontinent. A few suggestions of restaurants that bring the heat:

  • Atma: One of the best Indian restaurants in Montreal offers its entire menu for take-out.
  • Malhi Sweets: A local favourite and Jarry landmark serves a classic cross-section of North Indian fare. The complete menu is available for take-out and delivery via Skip the Dishes. 
  • Le Super Qualité: The Indian snack bar in Rosemont, offers a mix of North and South Indian dishes. For take-out consider opting for a “tiffin meal” which offers a complete set of 3 dishes and rice served in a traditional Indian tiffin.
  • Le 409: This posh Indian “pub” serves refined North Indian classics to-go from their Old Port location.
  • Thali: This incredible Downtown lunch counter serves delicious “thalis” (a segmented dish on which a casual Indian meal is served) at low prices. One of the best deals in the city. Available for take-out and delivery.
  • Punjab Palace: This Jean-Talon staple offers its entire menu for take-out or delivery. We strongly recommend the biryani or anything from the tandoor.  


For the early risers, a list of take-out brunch (and lunch) options:

  • Merci la Vie: The dreamy bakery offers its complete menu for take-out.
  • Larrys +: Offering the full Larrys menu plus a few special dishes, like the amazing Lawrence burger for take-out. They also offer a wide selection of wine for takeaway as well. 
  • Hélico: Our favourite coffee shop in Hochelaga offers a full take-out menu which gives customers an opportunity to savour its lunch sandwich — one of the best in town. 
  • Restaurant Well: Verdun’s go-to brunch spot offers, among other things, a classic breakfast plate and its iconic ricotta pancakes to go.


Restaurants serving comfort classics and upscale “fast food” to go: 

  • Icehouse: The undisputed heavyweight champion of Tex-Mex. Fried chicken, burritos and popcorn shrimp (among others) are all available for take-out. 
  • Paradis BBQ: For all good things chicken whether it’s fried, chicken wings or a full rotisserie bird you’ll find it on their take-out menu. Delivery is also available. 
  • Chez Tousignant: Our favourite snack bar is back, offering some of the best burgers, hot dogs, poutines and other homemade delicacies to take away.
  • Roch le Coq: Our favourite fried chicken — for take-out! We highly recommend trying the fried chicken sandwich!
  • Kwizinn: This exceptional Caribbean restaurant offers a delicious plantain burger, grilled chicken, mac & cheese and a mean plate of Griot. 
  • Nouveau Palais: One of the best burgers in town, not to mention a menu loaded with heaps of comfort classics for take-out. 
  • Campo: The fast-food project of the Ferreira Group roasts some of the best Portuguese (local, grain-fed) chicken in Montreal. Available for take-out and delivery.
  • Lloydie’s: A local favourite since the ’80s. This Caribbean restaurant is credited for introducing Montreal to the beef patty. Their menu now includes amazing jerk chicken and braised oxtail. 
  • Uniburger: Award-winning burgers, fries and shakes. Need we say more? 


A few other restaurants worth mentioning:

  • Lundis au Soleil: A cross between a deli and a coffee shop, this spot has everything you need to cater your socially distanced 5 à 7. 
  • Candide: This Little Burgundy restaurant features a take-out menu of cleverly composed dishes and delicious wines. Additionally, 4-6 course dinners are also available. Delivery is offered for a fee of $7.50.
  • Ibéricos: This Plateau-Mont Royal Spanish restaurant offers its delicious tapas and paella to go.
  • Café Denise: Taking a step back from take-out, Café Denise is reinventing itself as déppaneur. Available for purchase are reheatable meals, snacks and, of course, wine!


In Sainte-Thérèse:

  • Restaurant 425F: This excellent New American restaurant offers a complete and diverse menu for take-out and delivery.


In Laval:

  • Bistro Liu: Fans of Mrs. Liu’s cooking are delighted as the chef reopens her incredible restaurant for take-out.
  • Chez Lionel: This Laval-based French brasserie offers its entire menu of pub classics for take-out. 


Val David:

  • La Table Des Gourmets: It’s all in the name! The take-out menu is updated every Tuesday night ensuring a constant supply of new gourmet experiences. Orders must be placed by noon for same-day pick-up from 4 to 6 pm. Delivery is available for customers in Val-David and Val-Morin.
  • L’Épicurieux: The terroir-driven restaurant in Val David offers its thoughtful menu for take-out. Orders can be placed via Facebook, email or phone 819-320-0080. Pickup days: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.


In Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson:

  • La Belle Histoire: Étienne’s cooking and Sophie’s bottles — it’s a recipe for happiness for locals who benefit from the restaurant’s exceptional take-out program. 

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