Vin Polisson: New wine bar in Sherbrooke

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This restaurant is a member of the program Aliments du Québec au Menu! This means that they have chosen to highlight the wonderful products of Quebec and its producers in their menu – something we find admirable! Aliments du Québec au Menu is a recognition program for restaurants that value Quebec products in their cuisine. To learn more, click here!

When Vin Polisson opened its doors in 2020, there weren’t many places in Sherbrooke where you could drink natural wine and eat well. Luckily, Raphael Rioux and Charlie Abran Fréchette had the brilliant idea of opening a small wine bar and wine shop just up the hill on rue King, at the slope of the iconic Monument aux braves.

“Polisson” because the two owners don’t take themselves seriously at all. It’s always hard to explain the reason behind the choice of a name, but Raphael tells us it was what best represented them. “Our approach is serious, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” he explains. 

For the love of discovery

Charlie and Raphael’s goal is to put forward natural wines from northern climates, which will be in total harmony with the proposed dishes. These wines hail from Canada, northern France, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The wine list offers a multitude of bottles, but for the pleasure of discovery and pairing, you will always find about fifteen wines by the glass, in addition to a small section of wine shops to get delicious bottles to drink at home.

In the kitchen, chef Isabelle Charest leads the team’s creative spirit. The menu changes with the seasonality of the products. The dishes are delicious, the service is professional, and the whole formula favours sharing and discovery. The dishes on the menu are prepared to complement each other. You can expect to be well-guided by the knowledgeable and relaxed staff.

Small room, big energy

The room has twenty-five seats, mostly around the bar and kitchen counter. This configuration encourages dining in pairs — friends or lovers — for an apéritif or an intimate dinner. The atmosphere is subdued, and the music adds to the ambience. You can feel the effervescence of a dynamic team.

The place buzzes with projects. To encourage exchange and discovery, Vin Polisson also offers wine to bring home, organizes a monthly wine club, and hosts a harvest party! Visit their website for more information.

Thank you, Vin Polisson for bringing a breath of freshness and authenticity to Sherbrooke!

Photography by Vin Polisson & Kim Snyder

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