Clarke Café Kirkland: Conquering the West

Clarke Café sets its sights on Kirkland, much to the delight of West Montreal residents. Expect the same beloved formula as the original location, including its renowned sandwiches ranked among the city’s best.

Established by Frank Servedio in 2018, Clarke Café in Pointe-Saint-Charles swiftly gained popularity by upholding the family tradition of Clarke Bakery, a Mile-End institution famed for authentic Italian sandwiches. This venture paid homage to his parents’ bakery, where he dedicated nearly fifteen years of his life. Like its predecessor, Clarke Café quickly became a neighborhood staple, attracting a loyal clientele from day one, rightfully earning its place on lists of the city’s top Italian cafés and sandwich shops.

Expanding its footprint further west, Clarke Café opens a new location within the Must Société boutique in Kirkland. Frank aims to share his passion for Italian hospitality with a fresh community of food enthusiasts.

Unchanged Menu, Timeless Recipes

While Clarke Café finds a new home in Kirkland, its menu remains faithful to what patrons know and love. Coffee aficionados will rejoice at the return of the same delightful blend of medium-bodied Italian coffee with chocolatey undertones. The celebrated sandwiches continue to tantalize taste buds. If you haven’t already, try Frank’s signature breaded chicken sandwich (Frank’s way)—you won’t be disappointed. For those with a sweet tooth, the display case showcases decadent homemade treats. We have a soft spot for the zeppole, but especially for the cannoli.

Modern and Inviting Décor

Stepping into Clarke Café Kirkland, you’re struck by the brightness and lofty ceilings—it’s simply stunning. The space seamlessly blends modernity with warmth and familiarity, courtesy of classic green and wood accents typical of Clarke Café. Solid wood tables and comfortable chairs beckon patrons to linger, savoring every bite in a welcoming and relaxed setting. Some walls are adorned with photos recounting the Servedio family’s history, enhancing the venue’s cozy and inviting atmosphere.

With its unwavering commitment to quality and tradition, Clarke Café is poised to capture new palates in the west. Already bustling, we have no doubt the new Clarke Café in Kirkland will continue to make waves!

Buon appetito!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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