Les Mômes: Villeray’s gourmet BYOW

Les Mômes Les Mômes Les Mômes Les Mômes Les Mômes Les Mômes Les Mômes Les Mômes
  • Les Mômes

  • 586 Rue Villeray Montréal H2R 1H6
    (514) 276-4606
  • Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: Closed
    Wednesday: 5:30 – 9:30 PM
    Thursday: 5:30 – 9:30 PM
    Friday: 5:30 – 9:30 PM
    Saturday: 5:30 – 9:30 PM
    Sunday: Closed
    • Owner(s) Marie Voyer, Yoann Van Den Berg
    • Chef(s) Yoann Van Den Berg
    • Host Marie Voyer
    • Opened 2022-10-22
    • Offers a tasting menu
    • Accepts mastercard, visa, amex, cash, debit
    • 40 Seats
    • Accepts groups
  • Restaurant Byow

While we of course go to a restaurant to eat, and eat well if possible, it’s not the only reason. There are indeed all sorts of factors that contribute or detract from the pleasure of being at a particular address. Les Mômes—the new bring-your-own-wine restaurant in Villeray—has many of the qualities that puts a restaurant at the top of the list.

Lovely from the beginning

On the phone, the voice is welcoming, the details clear, and we can already anticipate a beautiful evening. Les Mômes (which means “kids”) is the project of Marie Voyer and Yoann Van Den Berg, a couple both in life and in work. “Opening our own restaurant has been a dream for a long time, and Les Mômes represents us well. It’s unpretentious, like at home, and we take great pleasure in entertaining”. She was the youngest Clef d’or in the world at 22 years old; he is a young chef whose delicious dishes you may have already tasted at Le Fantôme and Pastel. Yoann is from the Basque Country and passed through—among other decisive gastronomic stages—the kitchen of Anne-Sophie Pic.

Truly impressive dishes

Chef Van Den Berg’s plates are exactly what we want to see placed in front of us at the restaurant; beautifully put together plates, remarkably fresh products, bright combinations and a lot of care to make everything, at every stage of the meal, as beautiful as it is delicious. For example, the joyfully crisp shrimp, served with a tasty sauce, the memorable codfish steak, and the polenta gnocchi, which are so delicate that you’ll be moved to tears with happiness. For dessert, if you dream of Cuba or simply want to end your meal right, try the ¡Baba Libre!

All in simplicity

The decor is simple, and the service attentive. Marie tends to the clientele with a touching thoughtfulness, and her husband presents his creations with all the details that will allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest. From the moment it opened in the fall of 2022, the clientele has been enthusiastic about the arrival of this address with its spectacular cuisine. Plus, Les Mômes is part of our list of the best bring your own wine restaurants.

An address with a slogan like “They lived as kids and made many happy” is sure to inspire you to walk through the door. You won’t be disappointed, and you will likely return often to encourage these “kids”.

Photography by Alison Slattery

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