Commodore Café: grand café in downtown Montreal

Commodore Café Commodore Café Commodore Café Commodore Café Commodore Café Commodore Café Commodore Café Commodore Café

Given the grand luxury of the recently opened Honeyrose Hotel‘s exterior, one might have feared a pretentious atmosphere here; however, that is far from the case, as both the quality of the products offered by the café and the finesse of the service make this address a delightful reference.

Surprisingly, there are very few places to grab a coffee in the early morning in the metropolis. You will appreciate Commodore Café even more since this establishment welcomes its customers from 7 am, seven days a week.

You will certainly appreciate that the house offers a generous selection of specialty coffees and teas, as well as the option to choose almond, oat, soy, or lactose-free milk.

You will surely enjoy being able to nibble on some pastries with your cappuccino or macchiato to start your day off right. At lunchtime, you might indulge in one of the delicious soups, a sandwich, or a salad. On sunny days, these gourmet pleasures can be enjoyed on the sunny terrace, which offers a lovely view of the entertainment district.

Your visit here at any time of the day will also be marked by the great kindness and efficiency of the staff, always attentive to make your visit to Commodore Café as enjoyable as possible, making it a preferred place for coffee or lunch in downtown Montreal.

Commodore Café is directly connected to the restaurant of the same name and the lobby of the Honeyrose Hotel. All three are under the umbrella of the Marriott chain. Whether at the café, the restaurant, or the hotel, you will surely be dazzled by the elegance of the decor, its very stylish architecture, and its Art Deco-inspired design. Considering the rarity of such places in the heart of the city, recommending a café open from dawn is truly a pleasure. Enjoy the discovery!

Photography by Commodore Café

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