Ambiance : Festive

Appetizers : 12 to 18$

Mains : 18 to 128$
Desserts : 11 to 14$
Wines : 30$+


Montréal Plaza is the new restaurant of Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson at Plaza St Hubert.

From the outside, Montréal Plaza restaurant attracts attention with its many beautiful glass window-pane doors and neon sign with the rooster. And cast an eye up to the quirky blue sign with the painted figures as well. Once inside, you are not disappointed. The decor is a mixture of « ‘Zébulon and Charles-Antoine’ or ‘Charles-Antoine by Zébulon’ but not too beautiful ». The space is very elegant and very chic, nevertheless, the atmosphere is casual. The look is reminiscent of a classic brasserie with some crazy touches from the Charles-Antoine Crête style.

On the menu side, there are delicate and tasty small dishes that reflect seasonal foods. You can choose a tasting menu at $80 per person or order small plates as you wish. On the menu: oysters, chicken liver mousse, tartares, salads, cold tomato soup (Exceptional! Worth trying!), naked potatoes (more like with everything), cavatelli, cauliflower, confit of Artic char, periwinkles (one of our favorites in town), yakitori, fish of the day and others. You will also find daily suggestions and cheeses. And for those of us with a sweet tooth, we liken the seasonal fruit to that found at Toqué!, crème anglaise with melon, truffle, a fir-flavoured granita, etc. and do not overlook the dessert table, built by Charles-Antoine’s father, and covered with delicate but delicious small treats.

In the Montréal Plaza dining room, you’ll come across a strong team who’ve been part of the Montreal restaurant scene. This always makes any visit very pleasant ; the service is courteous, efficient and savvy. As for the wines, Samuel Chevalier has prepared a wine list with around 50 selections, several of which are available by the glass.

Montréal Plaza is a place to have a drink with a friend, go for a date, eat something, have a good drink, or celebrate a special occasion in a group. The time spent here comes at a cost, but the ratio of quality to price is very good. « Us ? We just want to make everyone happy. We don’t want to impress. We just want everyone to eat well and have fun. » Montréal Plaza is a very good restaurant, a very beautiful restaurant and the team is really great.

Update : In May 2017, the owners of Montréal Plaza opened Foodchain, a revolutionary healthy fast-food service.


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