Sauce Prune: Cuisine inspired by China in Cowansville

Sauce Prune Sauce Prune Sauce Prune Sauce Prune Sauce Prune Sauce Prune

Sauce Prune is a little gem on Cowansville’s main street. Offering cuisine inspired by China, the establishment functions as a small restaurant, a ready-to-eat counter and a grocery store specializing in Asian products.

Gourmet flavours and local products

Félix Antoine Parenteau’s cuisine is rich in flavours and spices. The talented chef skilfully composes dishes with Cantonese and Szechuan flavours without clinging to the rules and traditions of Chinese cuisine.

All the vegetables used at Sauce Prune come from local organic producers, and the meat sourced comes from animals raised on pasture less than 25 kilometers from the address.

“I’ve worked in restaurants for a long time and quickly became tired of butter and cream. I like things that make the palate experience strong emotions! Sauce Prune is all about combining local products with flavours from elsewhere. I don’t pretend to recreate traditional Chinese dishes. Yes, most of my menus are inspired by the Middle Kingdom, but I also allow myself to be influenced by Japan and Korea, for example!” says the restaurant’s friendly, smiling owner.

Note that the menu at Sauce Prune changes weekly! “I receive ingredients, cook them and sell them. The process starts all over again every week,” he continues.

360° offer

Sauce Prune is much more than a restaurant. It’s also the only Asian grocery store in the area. You’ll find homemade dumplings and frozen dishes, several varieties of soy sauce, Asian noodles, sweets, a ready-to-eat counter, and much more.

Sauce Prune is definitely one of our favourites in the Eastern Townships, and has a place on our list of the region’s best restaurants.

It would be a big mistake not to stop by if you’re in the area!

Enjoy your discovery!

Photography by Sauce Prune

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