Cheap Dates: Restaurants to go on a date without breaking the bank

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Whether it’s for a first date or an evening with your long-time loved one, we all know the struggle of wanting to impress while on a budget. Of course, there is no need to sacrifice quality, taste and charisma for the sake of saving money. Here is a list of a few ideas for a cheap date!

There are endless dining options in this city, but among the good addresses Montreal has to offer, it can be difficult to make an informed choice. Are looking for a causal and easy going venue for a low-stress first date? Or maybe you envision more of a romantic atmosphere that will truly ignite a spark.  Whatever you are searching for, Tastet is here for you!

Many of you have come to us for advice on where to take a date without breaking the bank. Just for you, here is our list of the best addresses to enjoy a romantic evening, without emptying your wallet! These suggestions are original and fun places that are ideal for having conversation- the perfect cheap date.

Tastet has a full roster of lists for great dates, so check those out for more suggestions! Amongst these, you’ll find a list for almost any moment : addresses for a Sunday date, for a Monday rendezvous, the most romantic restaurants in Montreal, and where to go on a second date.

Regardless of the situation, the restaurants on this list are all perfect for a casual date! We wish you the best of luck in your romantic endeavours!

Café Mei

Open for nearly 30 years, Café Mei is a charming establishment where you can enjoy excellent Chinese dishes. We are greeted into an inviting and comfortable setting, with warm colours and large windows overlooking Saint-Laurent Boulevard. On the menu, we find fabulous dumplings that are part of our list of the best dumplings in Montreal! With a beautiful assortment of alcohols to accompany your dish, Café Mei is a great place to try on a date. It is also open on Mondays! Alison Slattery

5309 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Kazamaza restaurant moyen-orient montreal


At restaurant Kazamaza, you will find a little bit of everything. This friendly address offers delicious Middle Eastern dishes that are perfectly tailored for two! The setting is simple and the atmosphere is calm enough to hear yourself speak. The chef at Kazamaza authentically prepares dishes with exotic flavours and sophisticated tastes; soft hocks, incredible hummus, kibbehs, and much more. The establishment also offers irresistible brunches on Saturdays and Sundays, which taste especially good when they’re eaten on the terrace in the summertime. KazaMaza

4629 Avenue du Parc

Malhi Sweets restaurant

A trip to Mr. Mahli’s house feels a bit like a trip out of the city- Mahli Sweets is one of the best Indian restaurants in Montreal! On the walls, you will find pictures of the owner with stars such as Catherine Deneuve, and on the plates, generous portions of some of the best food there is to offer. Mahli serves exceptional goat curries. On television screens, Bollywood hits are on a constant stream. For an original and unpretentious date, this is certainly one of your best options. Alison Slattery

880 Rue Jarry Ouest

Dumpling Hut

Dumpling Hut is a quaint little restaurant that offers some of the best dumplings in Montreal! Owner Haiqin is originally from China and arrived in Montreal in 2013. Since then, she has been introducing Chinese culture to Montreal in her own way, preparing tasty dumplings for her clients. With its friendly dining room and semi-open kitchen, the address is unique and charming. A great discovery to make on a date! Alison Slattery

3591 Rue Clark

Thaï Sep

Opened in 2011, restaurant Thai Sep welcomes its guests into a simple and friendly setting, perfect for enjoying delicious Laotian and Thai cuisine! Chef and owner Anouxath Siyavong prepares dishes with authentic flavours from his native countries, and the result is exquisite! Note that in addition to offering delicious dishes in a rather quiet atmosphere, Thai Sep is also a great BYOB, as well as one of Montreal’s most beautiful, good and cheap addresses! Alison Slattery

1900 Rue Jean-Talon Est

Le Super Qualité

The Super Quality is an Indian snack bar that offers you some of the best cuisine from the Indian subcontinent. It mainly includes street food from South India, cocktails and regional specialities. The space is pretty and original, and its relaxed atmosphere is conducive to a date. This small local restaurant should be discovered simply for the quality of its dishes and its friendly staff! It is one of the best Indian restaurants in town! Jennifer Zachanawich

1211 Rue Bélanger

Dinette Triple Crown

This address, which is one of our favourites in Montreal, offers cuisine from the southern United States in a 1920s inspired atmosphere. The music they play and the scenery of the space takes us back in time, and we love it. On the menu, you will find fried chicken (one of the best in town!) and brown sauce, incredible macaroni and cheese, shredded pork sandwich or brisket, salads and potatoes of all kinds. You can eat at the counter in a relaxed atmosphere or take it all away to enjoy somewhere else. The place even has a special offer to borrow a picnic basket in case you are inspired to bring your date outside! Website Dinette Triple Crown

6704 Rue Clark


Denise is a small café-restaurant that opened its doors in November 2017. It brings a breath of fresh air to the Parc-Extension district! This pan-Asian establishment welcomes you in a beautiful, relaxed and bright space. It has been designed to resemble a cinema setting- the idea came from the young and creative owners. You will find a short, affordable and tasty menu featuring dishes like salads, soups and one of the best bánh mì in town! The restaurant also offers more elaborate dishes in the evening, perfect to enjoy during a date. Denise is a great place to discover in the area! Alison Slattery

386 Avenue Beaumont


Boxermans is a superb little restaurant and café on Van Horne Street, and it is entirely unique to the rest of the area. The establishment is elegant and chic while remaining warm and comfortable. For lunch or dinner, the house offers a short and delicious menu composed of small delicate dishes that are perfect to share with your date. They offer a beautiful list of white, red, rosé and bubblies, all sourced from small producers. You can also drink ciders, homemade beers and a dozen of good cocktails. We really like this address for both its atmosphere and for its ability to serve beautiful products at a low price.  Alison Slattery

1041 Avenue Van Horne
Food at Otto Yakitori

Otto Yakitori

Otto Yakitori is known for its specialty- yakitoris (of course), amazingly delicious meat skewers. In a friendly and humble atmosphere, you can enjoy yakitoris of all kinds, from chicken thigh and breast to the neck and skin. The address also offers a few menu specialities such as sashimi, plain chawanmushi (sea urchin), bibimbap with Japanese influences, burgers, ramen, tatakis and soups. The place is perfect for a date thanks to its festive atmosphere and wide array of cuisines! Photo Alison Slattery

1441 Rue Saint Mathieu


Just a stone’s throw from the old fur trade district, Escondite is a small but friendly Mexican restaurant. The restaurant offers a selection of original tacos and small plates of specialties. We especially like the cod taco. We also strongly advise you to try their churros. Note that the atmosphere of the restaurant is very festive and the place is always full – perfect for a fun and animated date.

1206 Avenue Union


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