Le Blossom: The gorgeous restaurant & saké bar

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Le Blossom opened in early December 2017 in Montreal’s The Village neighbourhood, and what a truly beautiful restaurant it is, offering a solid menu that includes traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes plus a selection of sakés that currently place it in a category of its own! 

Dan Pham (Red Tiger, Kamehameha Snack-Bar), and twins Viet and Nam Truong are the young, dynamic owners of this business, who are proposing a concept of eating that in Montreal, is still in relatively unknown – a saké bar/restaurant.  The name ‘Le Blossom’ evokes the importance in Japanese culture of the delicate pink cherry blossoms, known as sakura, going back to the 8th century when elite imperial courtiers would indulge in poetry readings and picnics beneath the blooms. The blossoms are considered to be a metaphor for the ephemeral beauty of living, and in these surroundings, could also be considered as a nod to a blooming and savoury cuisine.

The stunning design inside Le Blossom is thanks to Dan’s vision and the creativity of talented designer Guillaume Ménard of Atelier Mainor (Red Tiger, Kamehameha Snack-Bar). Their goal was to create both a futuristic yet traditional environment. The look is very refined, achieved through the use of the different materials and shapes. « We wanted a unique look, a bit like (the movie) Bladerunner. » If the room appears sober and clean, the coup de théâtre is the magnificent cherry tree in the center of the room which offers an organic touch, quite original and refreshing, and certainly unique. The artist Aless Mc has also lent her talents with illustrations which catch your attention in the restaurant’s thoughtfully designed washrooms. All in all, Le Blossom is up there with Montreal’s most beautiful restaurants, and is aesthetically, quite unique!

At the age of 26, Viet and Nam Truong are not only co-owners of Le Blossom, but also the chefs behind the menu. Although more conventional Japanese dishes such as Udon soups or superb plates of sashimi are prepared,  the Temakis, or handrolls, are why we are here. Temaki resembles a maki before being sliced into individual pieces and is prepared using high-quality nori, homemade fluffy rice and fresh fish. They are meant to be eaten immediately so you can taste the crispy freshness of the ingredients – definitely a success! These handrolls are the only items served at the bar which seats 21, whereas if you are seated elsewhere in the dining area, all the items on the menu are available to order.  Le Blossom also offers two delicious desserts, courtesy of Sous-chef Go Sato.  There are both individual handrolls and a chef’s selection to choose from. Tastet would like to thank Le Blossom for the invitation.

Le Blossom should also be synonymous with saké because their saké choices are among the most numerous in Montreal (!), not to forget the very good wine selection, all thoughtfully put together by the talented 21yr old Sommelier Derek Vaillancourt Onderjchak. The cocktails are in the hands of Lawrence Picard, famous mixologist, whose talent for preparing original drinks takes full advantage of the traditional Japanese spirits and juices.

Le Blossom brings a wave of something new to The Village. They encourage their guests to to take their time and enjoy Le Blossom’s complete dining experience, from the menu to the sakés and the breathtaking surroundings.  We very much enjoyed the Temaki, not to forget the vast selection of sakés to choose from – such an original and particularly elegant atmosphere is what makes this a successful evening. Add Le Blossom to the list of places to try!

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