Foxy: A sexy date night restaurant in Griffintown

Foxy restaurant Griffintown Montreal

Foxy is the sleek restaurant in Griffintown, created by the owners of Olive and Gourmando. As one of the top restaurants in its neighbourhood, Foxy is the perfect place to take a friend or date on a charming and atmospheric evening!

Éric Girard and Dyan Solomon had said no to a new project for a long time, but almost 20 years after the opening of Olive et Gourmando, they opened the Foxy restaurant in 2015 and the result is superb. With such remarkable success from their first restaurant, it only made sense to step into the world of evening dining, which was also a long term dream of Eric.

To match the personality of the owners, the atmosphere at Foxy is always lighthearted – the name was even inspired by the name of Dyan’s pet dog! Foxy has a familiar casual vibe, however its sophisticated and romantic interior sets it apart from Olive and Gourmando. The décor is intimate, comfortable and original. Everything in the space was designed by the team themselves, and realized by Eric Filteau and his team at MO Design. The building in which Foxy resides, located on Notre-Dame St W., was chosen partially because of its proximity to Olive and Gourmando, but also for its unique charm and architecture. We suggest reserving a table in advance, or trying to dine on a quieter weekday as the restaurant is well loved by Montreal foodies.

As for the cuisine, you will surely be impressed by any meal at Foxy. The cooking style is a hybrid of Eric and Dyan’s culinary styles. The key feature – everything is cooked in a wood oven! Dyan explains how the wood oven keeps the kitchen team constantly trying new things and being creative. With the help of the talented chef Leigh Roper (former Chef at Vin Papillon), and the outstanding chef Vanessa Laberge (Olive and Gourmando), the menu at Foxy is well curated and perfectly executed. The flavours on the menu are diverse, but every dish is both comforting and stylish. When asked what she liked most about the restaurant, Dyan responded, “We really like Foxy for its cuisine, which reminds us of the countryside as it is full of superb produce, all worked according to their nature, and all homegrown. We like small, delicate and tasty dishes, and we have a thing for starters especially. We like cooking in a wood oven!”

Foxy offers its diners the ultimate wine trifecta: private imports, biodynamic, and sourced primarily from Dame Jeanne, Oneopole and Rézin. The list is perfect for lovers of fine wine, and is an ideal way to compliment any of their delicious dishes.

We come to Foxy to indulge in comforting cuisine, spoil ourselves, celebrate an special occasion, and drink well. We love it!

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