Tinc Set: wine bar, tapas and passion

At the heart of Outremont, slightly set back from its counterparts on Bernard and Van-Horne streets, the charming restaurant Tinc Set warmly welcomes its guests since 2020. Showcasing its legendary roasted chicken, delicious tapas, and an enticing selection of Catalan wines, this establishment has established itself as a must-visit for Montreal’s gastronomic enthusiasts.

A vibrant tribute to Catalonia and its way of life

Juan Lopez and his partner Lindsay Brennan embody the spirit of bon vivant. Falling in love with Catalonia during their first visit several years ago, the couple developed a fondness for the region, its wines, cuisine, and, above all, its unique way of living.

According to them, the recipe for happiness and a perfect evening involves a good table, excellent wines, sharing, and pleasure. This very spirit prevails at Tinc Set, creating a festive and warm atmosphere where one delights in indulging in hedonism.

The roasted chicken and tapas take center stage on the menu

Tinc Set’s standout dish is its Barcelona-style roasted chicken, infused with flavors of rosemary, orange, and garlic, creating an unforgettable and almost addictive culinary experience. On the menu since its opening, this dish is available both for on-site enjoyment (half-chicken) and takeout (whole chicken).

To accompany this delight, the talented chef Juan Lopez offers a delightful variety of tapas (tostada, preserves, olives, papatas bravas, etc.), bringing Mediterranean warmth and energy to Avenue Lajoie. The selection of tapas, with prices ranging between $10 and $20, evolves based on seasonal ingredients and is designed to be enjoyed casually, in a laid-back manner!

Natural Catalan wines to savor on-site or take away

Tinc Set features the wines from Vin i Vida agency, owned by the establishment’s proprietors, who collaborate directly with Catalan winemakers. The curated wine list by Lindsay Brennan offers a splendid selection of refreshing, festive, and affordable wines. Note that Tinc Set also functions as a wine shop, allowing customers to purchase bottles for takeout.

One of Montreal’s most beautiful terraces

while the cozy interior of Tinc Set with its few tables and long bar-counter provides a warm and celebratory atmosphere, its terrace on the tranquil Avenue Lajoie, in the heart of Outremont’s residential neighborhood, becomes a true haven of peace in the summer, setting it apart from Montreal’s typical terraces.

Tinc Set is a vibrant tribute to Catalonia and its way of life, with its name literally translating to “I am thirsty,” revealing the passionate intention of its owners. Whether for a drink, an extended meal, or simply to greet the fantastic team, a visit to this exceptional address leaves a lasting impression on those who discover it.

Please note that Juan and Lindsay are also owners of the neighboring establishment, Alma, which offers a more gastronomic and refined experience.

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