Trou de Beigne: Delicious donuts in Little Italy

Trou de Beigne is a doughnut shop in Little Italy whose delicious artisanal creations are sure to please doughnut lovers and sweet tooths alike!

In its small location on Saint-Zotique Street, Trou de Beigne creates some of the best donuts in Montreal. The history of the shop dates back to 2013 when owner Giuliano Ciccocioppo was making his tasty doughnuts and delivering them to various customers across the island. In January 2016, he decided to open a brick and mortar location where he could sell his doughnuts. Proud of his Quebecois identity, the visual identity of Trou de Beigne is inspired by the emblems of the province: the area code of Montreal (514), is represented here in the Roman numeral of the logo, above a snowy owl’s head, the emblematic bird of our beautiful province. “Plus, I could hide donuts in the owl’s eyes without it looking too obvious!” And so, with its two large yellow donuts for eyes, the Trou de Beigne owl invites you inside to savour some delicious doughnuts.

The physical space of Trou de Beigne is quite small, and seats 9, two of which are in the eyes of the owl (a nod to “hole in the wall”, “doughnut hole”, “trou de beigne”! Upon entering, you are greeted by the beautiful snowy owl mural on a black background, with two cavities made at eye level. In front of the large bay window is a small table at bar height, where you can watch the passers-by while savouring your doughnut. The counter is at the back of the shop where you can see all the delicious varieties of doughnuts on display. Despite the smallness of the place, it doesn’t feel cramped. On the contrary, the configuration of the space gives a feeling of grandeur to the location. The decor was developed by Giuliano, with the help of design student Mila Broomberg.

Trou de Beigne offers its customers a selection of nine doughnuts in store. Each one is offered in two sizes; the standard, and the smaller “scout” size. A few of the doughnut flavours include blueberry and dark chocolate, bourbon lemonade, cookie dough, matcha green tea, coconut and lime, mango and passion fruit, the blizzard: white chocolate and oreo, s’mores, and finally, the classic, a plain doughnut rolled in a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. The blizzard and cookie dough doughnuts are two of the customer favourites. We are partial to the cookie dough and matcha green tea doughnuts, while Giuliano is partial to the s’mores doughnut. Trou de Beigne also offers three of its donuts, the blueberry and dark chocolate, the classic, and the unique maple donut in vegan options – note that vegans must place a minimum order of twelve donuts in advance. You can order the donuts by phone, and they also offer delivery.

The doughnuts at Trou de Beigne are handmade every single morning according to Giuliano’s recipe, and are always fresh. Given that the store only produces a certain amount of doughnuts every morning, there is no surplus; first come, first served. In this way, the store ensures the quality and freshness that has become synonymous with the place.

Giuliano tells us that his favourite thing about Trou de Beigne is not only making his donuts, but also for the entrepreneurial aspect of serving people the best product possible. For us, we especially love savouring their delicious doughnuts!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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