Beau Mont : the newest member of the Toqué! restaurant family

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Beau Mont restaurant, unsurprisingly located on Beaumont Avenue, is the most recent restaurant to appear on the scene that is signed by the beloved Le Toqué! restaurant family. This restaurant is comfortably nestled in the junction between the Parc-Extension, Ville Mont-Royal and Outremont neighbourhoods. Thanks to the dedication and vision of the brilliant duo of Normand Laprise and Christine Lamarche,  this establishment has finally opened its doors to wow all of us food-lovers. The best way to describe Beau Mont is as the perfect marriage between the elegance of restaurant Toqué! and the friendliness of Brasseries T!. With a menu that highlights local, small scale producers, we come to Beau Mont to indulge in the wonders of the vibrant Quebec terroir.

Since having won over the hearts and stomachs of the downtown, Old Montreal, and South shore communities, the ambitious duo ventured into a new neighbourhood with the hopes of feeding a new clientele. An upcoming addition to the restaurant is a new grocery-style counter, where you will be able to shop for ingredients that the culinary team at Beau Mont have selected themselves. The idea is to encourage people to discover the flavours and foods of Quebec – knowing that they are all high quality and properly sourced – and to allow people to dine like chefs in the comfort of their own home.

Restaurant Beau Mont is very beautiful. Created by Sid Lee Architecture, the space’s decor is chic and very detail oriented, especially regarding the representation of Quebec culture. Immediately upon entering, you will notice an illuminated photo of Kamouraska (photographed by Dominique Malaterre, the photographer of the Toqué! book), which will shift colours daily in accordance to the mood of the owners. The 70 seat dining room hides the massive production space at the back of the building, which houses the butcher shop that supplies meat to all of the restaurants from the Toqué! family.

As for the kitchen, the hardworking team creates seasonal menus that are designed to showcase the produce that is in season at the time. Executive chef Normand Laprise focuses on the celebration of Mother Nature’s bounty using contemporary and very creative dishes. Expect quality when coming to Beau Mont, but note that it comes with a hefty price tag. Because the restaurant opened during the spring season, the menu at the time featured snow crab, northern shrimp, fiddleheads, rhubarb and other delicacies that are famously characteristic of spring. Our favourites were the lamb steak, Pont-Neuf apples and lavender sauce, as well as the fresh “trofie” pasta with western morels and daylily shoots. An important detail to note is that the main courses on the menu are very meat-focused – we highly suggest ordering a side dish so that you can experience all that the kitchen has to offer. As the cherry on top, the dessert menu will let you close off your Beau Mont experience on a sweet note with equally as contemporary, inventive, and fresh creations .

Claire Gauthier (formerly of Bouillon Bilk and Alma) is the sommelier in charge of creating the wine list at Beau Mont. With her experience and talent, Claire’s wine lists are well researched and always include diverse and undiscovered labels. The house invites diners to test their bottle of the night by the glass – the “sommelier’s pick”.

In addition, Gilbert Lemieux, head barman at Le Toqué!, is putting together a menu of classic cocktails that also reflect the group’s philosophy : beautiful, tasty, and local.

Beau Mont will surely prove to be one of the best Quebec restaurants in the city, thanks to the beautiful seasonal products that the team works so hard to present.

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