Montreal Bowling: The Forum Revived

A5 Hospitality Group strikes another strike (pun intended, we are at a bowling alley after all!) with their latest project, Montreal Bowling, located at the Forum in Montreal. Rediscover all the nostalgia of this iconic venue with a touch of modernity and entertainment.

We can all agree that you can’t go wrong with a night of bowling with friends. However, it’s true that these places are not always known for their cuisine or service. We had the opportunity to chat with two of the owners of Montreal Bowling, Phil Allard-Riendeau and Peter Mant, who aim to elevate this bowling experience to a whole new level. “We wanted to create the perfect place where people could have fun, but without necessarily ending up in a bar or club, focusing more on an activity,” explains Peter, who is also a regular in bowling leagues. They even plan to set up a special league for industry professionals.

It’s truly refreshing to see projects of this magnitude come to life in Montreal. Montreal Bowling promises a dynamic, electrifying, and fun atmosphere, in a retro-inspired decor from the 2000s, but updated with a modern twist. In addition to its vast bowling space with 16 lanes, the iconic sports bar at the Forum has also been renovated. With no less than 35 TVs scattered throughout the venue, you’re guaranteed not to miss a second of the games being broadcasted.

On the menu, you’ll find beloved snack classics, reimagined with expertise: Montreal-style hot dogs, smash burgers, nachos, and even free popcorn, just like at La Cage! “We drew inspiration from our favorite dishes in Montreal. For example, we wanted to recreate the famous poutine from Greenspot, and I must say the result is quite satisfying,” notes Phil. As for drinks, you’ll find a selection of expertly crafted classic cocktails, as well as more playful options like the Bulldog, which cleverly combines slush and beer. With a capacity of around 500 people, this place is ideal for large groups. The prices are also very affordable, and you’re sure to receive service worthy of what the A5 Hospitality Group is known for.

So, grab your three-holed balls and let the good times roll!

Photography by A5 Hospitality

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