Bagel St-Lo: Bagels and Conviviality in the Heart of Verdun

Located in the heart of Verdun, Bagel St-Lo has become a must-visit spot for locals in the neighborhood. Inspired by their love for hospitality and the pleasures of dining, Isa Lora Messier and Émilie Sirois have created a welcoming place where families and friends gather around delicious bagels.

Bagel St-Lo is a true gem in Verdun. The project began when Isa Lora, on maternity leave, had the desire to fulfill her dream of owning a breakfast restaurant. Quickly, Émilie, her friend and longtime accomplice, joined the adventure. Their goal: to offer their beloved neighborhood a warm and family-friendly place where people can enjoy delicious bagels and comforting dishes.

On the menu at Bagel St-Lo, you’ll find plates composed around their bagels, prepared fresh every day on-site. The bagels are baked in an electric oven, giving them a slightly less dense texture than those baked in a wood-fired oven. They’re also a bit sweeter than what you might find elsewhere. At Bagel St-Lo, you’ll find generous and colorful plates. The benedicts, served on bagels, are a must-try, but the establishment also offers other delicious breakfast plates, all served with baked beans and fruit, in addition to their tasty sandwiches. Everything is homemade, from the bagels to the cream cheese, and it’s all very affordable! The restaurant attracts a loyal clientele, who come back day after day to enjoy a bagel and a coffee on the go, as well as customers who prefer to sit down and enjoy a delicious brunch more leisurely. You can also buy their delicious bagels individually or by the dozen to enjoy at home!

The decor has gradually been built up with a focus on repurposing, and some customers have even contributed by offering decorative elements. In 2018, during renovations, designer Maude Coudé helped rearrange the space in a more ergonomic way. The result is a melting pot of objects and memories that give Bagel St-Lo its unique and authentic atmosphere.

Bagel St-Lo not only delights the taste buds with its treats; it’s also a grocery and wine shop, offering a carefully selected range of privately imported wines and Quebec products that you can take home or enjoy on-site, including some products sourced from their coffee and wine shop located in Lachine, the Comptoir St-Jo.

Whether indoors or on the beautiful terrace in the summer, the convivial atmosphere and warm welcome make Bagel St-Lo an essential part of the neighborhood. “I’m grateful to be able to offer my community a place where the service is friendly and where smiles are always on hand,” says the lively Isa Lora. Since its opening in July 2014, Bagel St-Lo continues to be a beloved gathering place for residents of Verdun and beyond.

We wish them continued success in the future!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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