Where to watch soccer in Montreal

While Montreal is a hockey city with a team that has a rich heritage, soccer is becoming an increasingly important part of the local scene. Waves of immigrants from Europe and South America have brought their enthusiasm for the game, and many bars in the city have heard the chants of the fans. As a result, large televisions have sprung up all over our city’s bars, showing the best of the game from January 1 to December 31.

Here are some addresses that we really like and that are warmly recommended by our readers to go and encourage your favourite teams.

Places to watch soccer in Montreal


3956 Saint-Laurent Boulevard –

All year long, Champs welcomes sports fans of all kinds, including soccer, of course. A good dozen screens should be enough to satisfy soccer fans during the 2022 World Cup.


4171 Saint-Denis Street

Mecca for French soccer fans, from 1:30 pm to 3 am, Monday to Sunday, this bar resounds with the sound of the rooster’s crow every time “les Bleus” score a goal.

Club Social

180 Saint-Viateur Street

Here, the talk is as much about soccer as it is about “le foot” and there is a nice mix of South American, Italian, Portuguese, English and French supporters. Regardless of the score, the crowd is always in a good mood.

Burgundy Lion

2496 Notre Dame Street West

Burgundy Lion is very anglo. And so, while drinking a pint or two, it is strongly advised to encourage the English team during international tournaments. The rest of the time, it’s preferably Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester, or Liverpool.

Bishop & Bagg

52 St-Viateur Street West

Being in the Mile End, the crowd of local supporters is quite mixed, even if the cheers for the English 11 or the Montreal 11 are above the normal decibels.

Caffè Italia

6840 St. Laurent Blvd.

At the head of this Little Italy mainstay, the 4th generation of owners continues to welcome customers with enthusiasm. Especially during international soccer events, when their screens are especially adorned with green, white and red.

Caffè San Simeon

39 Dante Street

When the “Squadra Azura” – the Italian soccer team – participates in a tournament, the strictly local trilogy is green, white and red and the discussions, very animated, are mostly in Italian.

Bruno Sport Bar

313 Beaubien Street East

From the people that crowd on the sidewalk outside their windows, you can tell that something important is going on. As you mingle with the cheerful crowd, you know that the game is being played on all the screens inside and that the enthusiasm is justified when the majority’s favourite team wins.

Pub Saint-Pierre

410 Saint-Pierre Street

Pub Saint-Pierre is a pub, a restaurant, and a bar. Open 7 days a week, this place stands out for its warmth and – during all soccer competitions, including the 2022 World Cup – welcomes fans from everywhere.

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