Well Restaurant: Verdun’s favourite brunch and lunch restaurant

Published on January 29, 2018
© Photos restaurant Well

Well Restaurant is a Wellington St location that opened during the summer of 2017. This is a friendly and welcoming restaurant, offering both generous and comforting food.

Peter Simard and Paule Vezina are the two figures behind Well. Peter is the former owner L’entre-pots Masson and worked alongside Paule. After numerous discussions, they finally decided to open their own little restaurant together. This how Well took shape, with the shared desire to create a comfortable space where customers would feel at home. The name Well derives from this idea of wellness or being well, but it also refers to the diminutive of Wellington St.

The space, which at first glance can appear small, is attractive and casual. The decor was created by the interior designer Michèle Beauchamp-Roy and she has given the place its welcoming simplicity, in addition to taking full advantage of the location’s configuration. Well can accommodate 32 people with a dozen seats at the bar or at seats with a view of the outside street scene. Grey and white are the predominant colours, and the use of wood adds additional accent to the space. The trendy-looking bright sign in one corner has become a bit of a slogan for Well ; everything seems to work, is attractive and well done. The space is designed to have a view of the kitchen where the team is busy preparing the dishes.

Speaking of cooking, if Paule is in the dining room, it means that Peter covers the menu. The chef has designed a generous and hearty menu with food that is both delicious and rich. Well restaurant serves lunches, and what lunches these are! There are about ten dishes on the menu, including the delightfully decadent poutine with bacon or ham; fried egg sunny-side up and pickles, salmon gravlax sandwich; and edamame – Japanese beans – served with arugula and a poached egg. The bacon and ricotta pancake is also a favorite with customers. Paule strongly recommends the bone marrow with sautéed mushrooms and an egg. This is so good that even the 20-minute wait time is really worth it! Everything here is abundant, in both size and taste, and eggs figure predominantly. The kitchen also proposes some vegetarian dishes. Well is open every day of the week, and their brunch formula is available all the time.

The owners of Well say they value the dynamics between the staff. « It’s like a family, we all get along really well ». What we come away with is the friendly atmosphere and the generous and affordable food that leaves you feeling satisfied and pleased. No wonder Well attracts crowds on weekends who don’t mind waiting because it is definitely worth it.

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