Villeray: The best restaurants in the neighbourhood

Once a very quiet and somewhat overlooked neighbourhood, with the exception of one or two addresses, Villeray has seen the arrival of a host of young chefs over the past few years. They’ve created a gourmet atmosphere that attracts a lively clientele.

Excellent restaurants, many of them Italian, but also South American, Asian, Middle Eastern and even Spanish.

This exciting culinary movement has been joined by excellent cafés, bakeries and high-quality grocery stores. Today, people come from all over the city to eat in Villeray, sometimes just hoping to find a table if they haven’t made a reservation. And once they’ve had their fill, they leave thinking that this new Villeray really does have a lot of charm.

Restaurant Moccione

Moccione used to be a quaint little restaurant on Villeray Street. Nice and almost always inaccessible because of its popularity. During the pandemic, the restaurant pivoted into Moccione pizzeria, which was very popular with locals who were obliged to stay home. And then, after the bad days for lovers of fine dining, the sun came out again and a larger, still delicious Moccione opened on rue Saint-Denis. One of our all-time favourites. Also on our list of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal.  

7495 Rue Saint-Denis

Casse-Croûte MangeDansMonHood

We come to this casse-croûte to enjoy many snack bar classics, but especially their smash burgers. Smash burgers that have the particularity, as their name indicates, of being smashed. This gives them a very special taste and texture. Fresh meat, ground in-house, and fine fries are savoured against a backdrop of funk and hip-hop music, and can be accompanied by the natural wines the owners are so fond of, which they generously offer their customers. Also on our list of Montreal’s best burgers.  

1380 Rue Jean-Talon Est


The team behind this establishment chose not to call Vesta a restaurant, but a “trattoria”, and that’s exactly what it is. The ambience is relaxed, the dishes are relaxed yet very well prepared, and the pizzas, pastas and other dishes on the menu are absolutely delicious. When everything is served in a friendly atmosphere, customers are even happier. You’ll thank Michele Forgione and Stefano Faita, the generous owners of Gema, Chez Tousignant and Impasto, for having had the good idea of opening Vesta.

206 Rue Jarry Est


Back in 2004, this restaurant set the mood in Villeray. An atmosphere that made tapas rhyme with fiestas, especially on the plates. And the party continues after all these years, thanks to the work of passionate people with evocative names like Afonso and Muniz, or full of gourmet promise like St-Pierre, the trio at the head of a whole team of enthusiasts who do everything to ensure that your visit here will be an excellent experience.  

511 Rue Villeray

Lundis au soleil

With the exception of Sundays, when these good folks take a little rest, this house lives up to its name and has found a way to brighten up every day of the week. At lunchtime with a short menu – three courses, two sandwiches and a few sides – or in the evening with a much more elaborate menu. Warm, inviting decor. Extremely well-stocked wine list with irresistible temptations.  

801 Rue Jarry Est

Les Mômes

This charming little address has quickly established an excellent reputation among gourmets in Villeray and the surrounding area. The primary reason for this enthusiasm is the work of chef Yoann Van Den Berg, a tall, talented Basque who prepares dishes the likes of which you’d never dream of making at home. As Les Mômes is a bring-your-own-wine restaurant, we strongly suggest you bring one of your best bottles.  

586 Rue Villeray

Le Petit Alep

Eating at Le Petit Alep is always a source of happiness. Firstly, the food is excellent, the wine list is outstanding, the decor is cheerful, and lastly, the staff is extremely friendly, all of which contributes to a pleasurable dining experience. Tania Frangié, the owner, takes great care to ensure that everything is impeccable, and her dishes, evocative of the heyday of Syria and Armenia, will delight you. One of our all-time favourites.  

191 Rue Jean-Talon Est

Comptoir Sainte-Cécile

Comptoir Sainte-Cécile is a great mix of grocery store, sandwich shop/restaurant, and wine shop; the latter, as well as the beers and ciders on sale at Saint-Cécile, are all dedicated to local drinking. The house offers delicious prepared meals and delights to bring home, savoury, sweet and preserves, and if you’d like to order food, you can pick up sandwiches and other delicacies on the doorstep or in-store. Among other events, a favourite address during the National Bank Open tennis tournament.  

232 Rue de Castelnau East


Eating at Daou means indulging in Lebanese dishes prepared just as they are. The plates are generous, and your main challenge will be to work up an appetite for the equally irresistible desserts. One of our favourite Middle Eastern restaurants. Daou is another of our favourite addresses, among other events during the National Bank Open tennis tournament.  

519 Rue Faillon Est

Tabac Villeray

The name Tabac Villeray is intriguing, because although this establishment is located in Villeray, there’s no smoking here. But we do eat here, and rather well, morning, noon or night. There’s also a selection of fine wines on offer, in a charming, polished decor and always pleasant atmosphere. Another of our favourite addresses, among other events, during the National Bank Open tennis tournament.  

1370 Rue Villeray

Saison des pluies

Whatever the weather, it’s sunny here. Whether you’re looking for your first morning coffee, a lunch to go, or a Mate Libre, Saison des pluies is sure to please. An excellent choice because here everything is delicious, the decor is simple and beautiful, and the service very attentive. You can also treat yourself to a vegan soft-serve ice cream or affogato at the café’s adjacent ice cream counter, which opens a few hours after the café.  

301 Rue Guizot Est

La Toxica

If you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine, a visit to La Toxica is a must. And don’t be put off by the name of the place, the only toxicity is wondering how to stop after two or three of their tacos. The boss who cooks on top of everything else is Rosa Castellanos; remember her name well, because after eating at La Toxica, she’s likely to become a friend of yours. La Toxica is on our list of the best tacos in Montreal.  

7221 Rue Saint-Hubert

Le Toasteur Villeray

Le Toasteur is the ideal place in Villeray if you’re looking for a casual spot to grab a coffee and nibble on something delicious as you roll out of bed. You can have brunch or treat yourself to a generous sandwich – Halloumi Sandwich, Grilled-cheese style Banh Mi or Rico Sandwich – for an original midday meal. Le Toasteur features in our lists of Best Classic Breakfasts and Best Eggs Benedict.

767 Rue Villeray


Officially named Knuckles – Cantine et Vins, the owners of this fine establishment have made it their mission to serve good food and wine to their customers in a warm atmosphere, and at friendly prices. Eat well with uncomplicated dishes, drink well with a short list of good bottles. Every evening from Tuesday to Saturday, and we recommend you make a reservation.  

241 Rue Jarry Est

Marché Méli Mélo

Located on Rue Jarry, Marché Méli-Mélo has been a Villeray institution for 30 years (!), offering, among other things, generous and affordable griots. The Haitian menu offers mouthwatering traditional dishes such as calalou, cabri, tasso bœuf and lambi. And the Haitian chicken — served with rice and beans, fried plantains, and pikliz — is delicious every time. Marché Méli-Mélo appears in several of our lists: The Best Spots for Munchies, Excellent Caribbean Restaurants in Montreal and The Best Haitian Restaurants in Montreal.  

640 Rue Jarry Est


At Baristello, coffee has pride of place, and is treated with all the care and attention it deserves in Italy. We also love their homemade focaccia sandwiches. While there are no tables to sit and eat, there are about 15 seats available at the various counters. Baristello also has a charming little “delicatessen” corner stocked with both local and imported Italian products. The café is included in our list of the best Italian cafés in Montreal.  

709B Rue Jarry Est


In a vast, bright space on rue Jarry at the corner of avenue De Chateaubriand, Fanfare is a superb bakery offering excellent breads, made with local, organic flour, and exquisite viennoiseries. In addition to their excellent breads, Fanfare serves a delicious breakfast and lunch, offered on a short, evolving menu of delicate, well-presented dishes and tempting desserts. Fanfare is on our list of Montreal’s best bakeries.  

751 Rue Jarry Est

Mr. Azteca

Mr. Azteca is a wonderful taqueria in Villeray, where you can enjoy the very best in Mexican dishes: Tacos, Nachos, Enchiladas, Enmoladas, Enfrijoladas, Alambre, Quesadillas, and more. Owner-chef Rosina Martinez makes sure you’re happy right from the start, with trios of tortillas accompanied by Mexican sausage, steak and mozzarella, chorizo and mozzarella, or steak, mozzarella, onion and cactus. Mr. Azteca is featured in several of our lists: Montreal’s Best Tacos and Burritos: The best addresses in Montreal.  

7349A Rue Saint-Hubert

Café Ferlucci

Located on rue de Castelnau Est, Café Ferlucci is a charming little establishment serving excellent Italian coffee. To accompany your coffee, the establishment offers great Italian sandwiches such as ciabattas, as well as satisfying grilled cheeses. On the counter, you’ll also find a selection of pastries from different bakeries around town. Café Ferlucci appears on several of our lists of favourite establishments, including The Best Italian Cafés in Montreal.  

432 Rue de Castelnau East

Sae Low

Minh Phat Tu has made a name for himself in Montreal through his reputable restaurants; from Orange Rouge (now closed) to Mui Mui and Anémone, and Sae Low being the latest addition. The space — which was previously Cafécoquetel — seats around thirty, with a few tables outside on their patio along Faillon. On the kitchen side, the chefs have put together a delicious, unpretentious little menu, with touches of Asian influences. “It’s simple, it’s good, it’s uncomplicated”, says Minh Phat. We concur.  

426 Rue Faillon Est

Etna Pastificio

On the corner of rue Jarry and avenue Henri-Julien, you’ll find a lovely sunny address where Spain and Italy meet: Etna Pastificio. A paradise for fresh handmade pasta, sauces, and more, the counter also offers other superb products imported from across the Atlantic, as well as a fine selection of local and imported wines and ciders. Etna Pastificio is included in our list of Fine Grocery Store Suggestions: Encourage local businesses.  

244 Rue Jarry Est


In the north-western part of Villeray, the tiny restaurant Paloma is well worth a visit for its superb cuisine. The food and everything else, wine, service and contemporary decor. Chef Armand Forcherio, from Nice, an exceptional chef, and his daughter Rosalie, as exceptional as the daughters of exceptional fathers are, have made Paloma one of our favourites since it opened. A warm recommendation.  

8521 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Maps Pizza

La pizzéria Maps, à Villeray, propose l’une des meilleures pizzas de Montréal dans un petit local au décor simple et sans prétention! Avec cinq pizzas au menu, dont une nouveauté chaque mois, Maps Pizza propose des options pour tous les goûts.

8501 Rue Saint-Denis

Maps Pizza

La pizzéria Maps, à Villeray, propose l’une des meilleures pizzas de Montréal dans un petit local au décor simple et sans prétention! Avec cinq pizzas au menu, dont une nouveauté chaque mois, Maps Pizza propose des options pour tous les goûts.

8501 Rue Saint-Denis


Située à quelques pas du Marché Jean-Talon, Casavant propose une formule brasserie française qui charme par son splendide décor, son ambiance conviviale et sa déliceiuse carte au bon rapport qualité-prix.

350 Rue de Castelnau East
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