Fine food store suggestions: encourage local businesses

Published on September 08, 2021
Fine food store suggestions: encourage local businesses

After a few happy months where we had the opportunity to rediscover some of life’s pleasures such as eating out both indoors and outdoors, here we are at the moment we were so dreading – the second wave. As a result of the dining room closures for the next 28 days, the government is strongly advising us to limit our social interactions and stay home as much as possible. Staying home means eating at home and therefore, cooking at home! The year 2020 has taught us many things, one of which being that our local merchants need us more than ever, and have so many beautiful products to offer.

For most of us, grocery shopping was one of the only outings we could make last winter and spring. In an effort to keep our social interactions to a minimum, we’ve come up with a few fine food stores that will inspire you in the kitchen and fill your fridge and pantry. Between ready-to-eat or frozen homemade meals, preserves, fresh pasta, charcuterie, cheeses, fresh vegetables, fine food products, desserts, and alcoholic beverages, you will find addresses on this list where you can do your grocery shopping from A to Z. The best part? Each of the addresses also offers products from other establishments such as Luciano’s tomato sauce at La Vieille Europe, Anicet’s honeys at Veux-tu une bière?, and good Quebec wines at Butterblume’s fine food section. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the passionate people who welcome you at each of these addresses, that’s what they’re there for!

For your cooking breaks, to encourage your favourite restaurants or simply to spoil yourself because you deserve it, check out our list of restaurants open for take-out.

If you’d like to suggest other fine food stores, don’t hesitate to let us know right here. 

Épicerie Conserva

In the heart of the Petite-Patrie on Plaza St-Hubert, Conserva fine grocery store offers homemade products as well as a wide variety of wines and beers from Quebec. Working with local producers, Conserva offers frozen meals, charcuterie, desserts, canned goods, fresh vegetables and even a sandwich counter to take-out. You can order online, by phone or drop in. © Photo Alison Slattery – Instagram
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Aliments Viens

Aliments Viens is a butcher shop specializing in charcuterie, and offers, among other things, local cheeses and meats, sandwiches, and local products such as bread from the Hof Kelsten bakery. Aliments Viens’ charcuteries can already be found in several Montreal restaurants such as Vin Mon Lapin, Elena, Joe Beef and Montreal Plaza. Now, thanks to the boutique located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in the Mile End, you can purchase their products to savour at home. Photo Alison Slattery – Instagram
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Butterblume Épicerie

One year after the opening of the beautiful Butterblume restaurant in Mile End, the team opened an adjacent fine food grocery store right next door. With take-out and ready-to-eat meals, this lovely counter offers a nice wine list, several local beers, fresh vegetables, prepared cuts of meat, coffee, and ice cream. Until the dining rooms reopen, the team welcomes you Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the grocery side to stock up on great local products. Photo Alison Slattery – Instagram
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La Vieille Europe

Vieille Europe

Open since 1959, La Vieille Europe is an integral part of the Montreal culinary scene in the Plateau Mont-Royal and beyond. A true institution, this delicatessen offers more than 4,000 products from here and elsewhere, from cheeses and charcuterie to homemade products, to a regularly changing menu as well as kitchen accessories. Open 7 days a week, La Vieille Europe also offers a delivery service as well as the possibility to order online. Photo La Vieille Europe – Facebook

Boucherie Lawrence

Between the opening of Lawrence and Larry’s, Boucherie Lawrence was opened just up the street from the two restaurants. Offering meats from small local farms, the butcher shop also offers a take-out menu including sandwiches, small dishes and great wines, beers, and other drinks. Like Larry’s, the butcher shop is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and even offers a delivery service. Photo by Alison Slattery – Instagram
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Special Mentions

  • Now with three locations in Montreal, Veux-tu une bière? is a specialty grocery store offering a huge selection of carefully chosen local beers, local wines and ciders, gourmet products perfect for an aperitif, as well as coffee, condiments, and chocolate. In addition, they also offer take-out food like sandwiches from Aux Vivres. All three locations are open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and offer online ordering and delivery services. If you drop by, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the team, who are always happy to guide customers in their choices.
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