The best bakeries in Montreal: our suggested addresses

Published on September 08, 2021
Les meilleures boulangeries de Montréal

Ah, bread! Whether it’s fresh, toast, a tartine, to accompany your meal or even as a dessert in the form of a pudding, bread is a staple food at any time of the day. As one of the oldest foods in the world, bread remains a vital part of everyday life! What sets it apart is its universality; in various forms, it has been consumed as a staple food in virtually every region of the world for thousands of years. Flour, water, yeast and salt; a recipe that may seem trivial, but it is far from being a banal product. When combined with excellent craftsmanship, this recipe becomes an art in itself! It opens up a world of possibilities in terms of flavour and texture.

Bread has its origins in prehistory and throughout various civilizations. Consumed thousands of years ago before the birth of agriculture, cereals were first prepared with very little transformation. Over time, various tools were developed, farming techniques were adopted and the fermentation process emerged. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks discovered, elaborated and perfected recipes for bread, an important food in their diet. From the baguette to naan bread, from the bagel to the Indian chapati, bread could be a food category in itself as there are so many variations that reflect the cultures of the world.

As we know, we are in the age of industrial and chemical food products, so savouring a delicious artisanal bread in a small local bakery is a pure pleasure! Here is our list of the best bakeries in Montreal, many of which are already part of our suggestions for savouring the best croissants in town. These are places where people come for quality products, made with fresh ingredients, rich in texture and flavour. In these bakeries, you will be able to savour delicious, quality artisanal breads, made by passionate people who carry on this ancient tradition and practice.

Hof Kelsten

Hof Kelsten is a bakery we love! Jeffrey Finkelstein started baking bread in his mother’s basement while his batches were served in famous restaurants. In its sleek and original decor, you’ll find not only some of the best gourmet breads in town, but also some of the best croissants, excellent panettones, delicious sandwiches and exquisite weekend brunches. Photos by Alison Slattery – Instagram
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La Bête à Pain – Griffintown

La Bête à Pain Griffintown opened its doors in 2016 in the heart of Griffintown! The establishment has become a staple in Montreal for enjoying excellent artisanal baked goods. Marc-André Royal’s establishment is one of our favourite bakeries in town and we highly recommend it when you’re in the neighbourhood! The staff is friendly, and the products are decadent and of quality. photos Marc André Royal
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Le pain dans les voiles

Located in Villeray, at the intersection of De Castelnau and Drolet, Le Pain dans les Voiles opened its doors in the fall of 2013. It had already acquired a good reputation with its first address in Saint-Hilaire and was an almost immediate success upon opening. Here you can find very well-made products, from their baguette, sourdough and country bread, to their very good pastries with seasonal specials. A must try! Photos by Alison Slattery – Instagram
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La Petite Boulangerie

La Petite Boulangerie has been located on Fleury Street for over 20 years! In a charming and warm space, you can enjoy excellent breads, many delicacies, and one of the best croissants in town. This artisanal bakery in Ahuntsic offers products and service of unquestionable quality; fine products and true expertise await you at La Petite Boulangerie.  Photos La Petite Boulangerie

Automne Boulangerie

Automne Boulangerie is a small bakery that opened in October 2016 in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood and is well worth a visit! Here, they offer a nice selection of breads – including one of the best baguettes in Montreal – that pay homage to French baking, but also some specialties with Scandinavian and Californian influences. There are pastries, including one of the best croissants in the city, light seasonal fruit pies, sandwiches and weekly specials. We love how the house promotes simplicity and local ingredients in their products.  Photos Alison Slattery – Instagram
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Boulangerie Guillaume

Although Guillaume Bakery began as a neighbourhood shop, it has quickly become one of the most popular bakeries in town. Among its 80 excellent homemade products, Guillaume offers Mediterranean breads – ciabattas, focaccia with Kalamata olives and others – apple buns, an excellent white square, and many other specialties. No wonder Guillaume Bakery supplies so many restaurants in Montreal! Photos Alison Slattery – Instagram
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La meunerie urbaine boulangerie notre-dame-de-grâce ndg

La Meunerie Urbaine

La Meunerie Urbaine opened in October 2017 in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and offers delicious breads, including one of the best baguettes in town! The keywords of this bakery are freshness, nutrition and organic ingredients. This bakery has its own grain mill where they mill their own flour on site, which gives its products an incomparable freshness. We love this charming neighbourhood bakery. Photos Alison Slattery – Instagram
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Joe La Croûte

Joe la Croûte is an excellent bakery located in the Jean-Talon Market. The owner and baker Daniel Jobin creates surprising and delicious breads, with new offerings daily. Everything here is very fresh, of quality and the majority of the ingredients are organic. We love the originality of the products offered by Joe La Croûte. Photos Alison Slattery – Instagram
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Open since December 2018, Fanfare is a beautiful bakery on Jarry Street east. The address offers excellent breads, made from local and organic flour. Delicious pastries and viennoiseries are also available at the counter, while a short menu of very good dishes is offered for breakfast or lunch. A beautiful and bright address to discover in Villeray! Photos Alison Slattery – Instagram

Boulangerie Jarry

Located in the neighbourhood of Villeray, Boulangerie Jarry has made it its mission to bring a community together around bread that is as healthy as it is delicious, while promoting the work of local producers. On display are classic breads, but also more original creations, delicious pastries, as well as a few lunchtime options. Photo Boulangerie Jarry

Le Toledo

Le Toledo opened its doors last March in a space on Mont-Royal Avenue that had been abandoned for many years. The beautiful bakery offers quality bread, to be enjoyed on site or to bring home, in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Just a stone’s throw from the Mont-Royal metro station, this new bakery has all the makings of being a favourite among bread lovers in the neighbourhood. Photos Alison Slattery – Instagram
la miche dorée boulangerie villeray

La Miche Dorée

La Miche Dorée on Bélanger in the Petite-Patrie is a family owned and operated bakery. After 30 years of experience in the field, Alberto Argueta decided to open his own bakery. It has been a real family affair ever since. Their main mission: to produce fresh, quality and ecological artisanal products. The health of their customers is important to them, and we confirm, everything here is a real delight! Photo Marie Stéphanie

Boulangerie Louise

The concept of Boulangerie Louise is to be generous, accessible and welcoming. It opened its doors in March 2018 on St. Laurent Boulevard in Little Italy and prepares excellent fresh breads for its customers all day long! It is the head baker Romain Séguin, who previously worked in France and recently moved here, who adapts recipes from French classics for his Quebecois clientele.
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P’tit Atelier Jarry

Le P’tit Atelier Jarry is located just a few steps from Jarry metro. It’s a great neighbourhood bakery for those who live in Villeray, but really it’s worth a visit no matter what neighbourhood you live in. The bakery offers excellent pastries such as the almond chocolatine, but beyond that, it also offers an array of pastries as beautiful as they are delicious.
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Special Mentions

  • L’Amour du Pain is a charming bakery that started out in the city of Boucherville. Since then, it has built an excellent reputation for its high quality products and has opened its doors in Brossard, as well as two locations in Montreal – Griffintown and Old Montreal. Whether it is their traditional baguette or their breads with original flavours, everything here is absolutely delicious. A very good bakery to discover!
  • Ô Petit Paris is the new bakery that nestled into the former space of the Pétrin Fou. From its name, you will have guessed that it serves French specialties – a Parisian touch in the Plateau. Here, the highlight of the show is indeed the baguette! That said, they also offer a wide variety of products, including vegan offerings.
  • Le Fromentier is a bakery that opened its doors in 1993 on Laurier Avenue East. Since then, its reputation among locals has grown! The establishment offers daily breads which varies according to the day of the week and offers a wide variety of breads from the most classic to the most original. The establishment also has a wide variety of good pastries and cheeses.
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