Quebec’s Best “Casse-croûtes”: Tastet’s Suggestions

Paul Patates : l’institution du steamé à Pointe-Saint-Charles

To celebrate Quebec’s national holiday, Saint-Jean Baptiste, Tastet has put together a list of places where you can enjoy the best casse-croûtes classics across La Belle Province!

All the festivities that take place in Quebec on June 24 commemorate our rich history and culture. The definition of Quebec’s gastronomy would be sorely incomplete without the words poutines, smoked meat, or steamies!

Whether you’re a foodie or not, we all enjoy a good Quebec snack every so often, be it in our own kitchens or at a roadside stop. These simple but oh-so-yummy snacks are synonymous for many of us with summer holidays spent with friends and family. These are foods that bring comfort, and always hit the spot.

This list covers a wide range of places in Quebec that will definitely satisfy any desire for delicious snacks! Maybe you’ll discover a place near you, or maybe our list will help you plan a stop on your next road trip across the province. One thing we do know, however, is that it will provide a great reason to explore casse-croûtes from Pont-Rouge to Gatineau, or from Trois-Pistoles to Gaspé. In pursuit of these snacks, it may even take you on your a trip of discovery to unknown corners of our province.

If you don’t have the chance to travel around the province this summer, don’t fret! Tastet has you covered with our list of the best poutines in Montreal or the best burgers in the city!

We wish everyone an excellent Saint-Jean-Baptiste, full of delicious discoveries!

Here is our list of Quebec’s best casse-croûtes:

Grégoire Restaurant  — Ville Mercier  — Since 1945, Grégoire et fils has been an institution in the city of Mercier. Here, the poutine is excellent (their specialty!) and the smoked meat is delicious.

Casse-Croûte des 4 vents — Baie-Saint-Paul — Open for nearly 50 years, this casse-croûte is truly unique. In a mini trailer in a gas station, you’ll find one of the most popular snack bars in the region. An amazing cheeseburger, delicious poutine, pogos, hot dogs, etc. All to be enjoyed in the trailer for a unique experience!

Casse-Croûte du Vieux-Moulin —  Pont-Rouge — This seasonal casse-croûte is a Pont-Rouge landmark! Extremely popular with its customers, its excellent poutine (loaded with cheese curds!) attracts huge numbers of locals and lots of visitors.

Le Roy Jucep — Drummondville — Another longtime landmark, and in business for over 5 decades, Le Roy Jucep likes to call itself “the inventor of poutine”! We like the retro atmosphere of this Drummondville address, and of course, their famous local specialty.

Chez Ben on s’bourre la bédaine — Granby —  It all started way back in 1950, when Bernard “Ben” Dubé was preparing meals in his own trailer that was doubling as a snack bar. Ben’s quickly became popular and is still an iconic stop in the city of Granby! Come by to devour the deliciously fresh food and unforgettable soft serve.

Cantine d’Amours — Trois-Pistoles — La Cantine D’Amours is renowned in the city of Trois-Pistoles for its excellent cheeseburgers and delicious poutine. A must-try if you’re in the area!

Grand’Ourse — Kamouraska Mamie Pataterie — Previously known as Mamie Pataterie in Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, Grand’Ourse is a unique and charming pataterie! The friendly owners serve updated snackfood with their own gourmet touch. These are dishes that showcase excellent local products like lobster, bison, and local cheeses. A superb time awaits everyone at Mamie’s.

La Frite à Mononcle —  Sainte-Adèle — La Frite à Mononcle is a very popular spot in the town of Sainte-Adèle. The poutines are delicious and so are the delicious burgers, all to be enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere.

Patate Mallette — Beauharnois — This traditionally Québécois casse-croûte has been going strong for over 66 years! Come to enjoy a very good hamburger.

Pataterie Hulloise — Hull — This very busy Hull address is a genuine chip truck. In a lively and colourful atmosphere, the place is known for its tasty poutines and generous portions. Try the classic poutine or choose your own custom poutine from their many options.

Casse-Croûte Ti-Oui — Saint-Raymond — The Ti-Oui casse-croûte located in Saint-Raymond is known for its excellent poutines and delicious chicken! During the summer months, they also have a dairy bar! A charming and friendly spot.

Chez Morasse — Rouyn-Noranda —  Another legendary stop, Chez Morasse has been serving poutine for almost 50 years. But this isn’t just any poutine; they claim theirs to be the best in the world! They offer several variations of this specialty, including one with pogos, and another with Shepherd’s Pie! This is a great stop for a late-night snack, as it’s open until 3 am.

Mazmelle Maria — Maria — This casse-croûte is located in the small municipality of Maria, in the Gaspé Peninsula. Mazmelle Maria is the perfect place to stop when you’re craving some delicious Québécois casse-croûte classics. In addition to serving delicious fries, poutines and burgers, Mazmelle also offers local specialties such as lobster rolls, fish soup, and a lobster club sandwich.

Cantine de la Gare — Rimouski —  Cantine de la gare offers delicious casse-croûte snacks in a simple and friendly environment. They’re known for their poutines, for which they offer many varieties!

Cantine Armande — Chute-aux-Outardes — Located in Chute-aux-Outardes, this casse-croûte has many loyal regulars who come for the burgers and delicious homemade poutines. Simple and classic, we like this place for its friendly atmosphere and generous servings.

Chez Cathy — Rivière-au-Renard — Chez Cathy offers something that is extremely rare today in Quebec: drive-in service! The place is loved by the locals for its mouthwatering poutine, which stands out for its quality and fresh ingredients. A classic that awaits you in Gaspésie.

Casse-croûte Chez Mag — Île d’Orléans — This small snack bar, located in Sainte-Famille, offers absolutely everything we love: fried chicken, lobster rolls, poutine, lobster poutine (!), hamburgers, and more. You’re in for a serious treat!

Cantine Hurteau — Sorel-Tracy — Cantine Hurteau is a local landmark in Sorel-Tracy! This small snackbar serves well-made classics. Like many other places on this list, the customers swear that their poutine is the absolute best!

Chez Dave et Dan — Saint-Liboire — Chez Dave et Dan is a seasonal casse-croûte run by the people who live in Saint-Liboire! The food here is decadent and the portions are generous. Their good reputation is well-earned and worth a visit to enjoy some real Quebec classics!

Cantine Bolduc —  Sainte-Marie — Open only during the summer, Cantine Bolduc is a foodtruck that serves traditional Québécois snack food, and it’s really good ! The snackbar is especially known for its excellent fries and steamies.

Cantine La Fringale — McMasterville — Cantine La Fringale is a beloved spot that is visited by a number of well-known Quebec personalities every summer. Come by and enjoy a great burger!

Chez Tousignant — Montréal —  Considered to be one of Montreal’s best snackbars, Chez Tousignant serves one of the best burgers in town, as well as several classic dishes that they’ve made uniquely their own! This place is one of our favourites in Montreal for classic comforts.

Paulo et Suzanne — Montréal — Paulo et Suzanne’s is a great Québécois casse-croûte that’s been in operation for over 30 years! They are very friendly, and serve some of the best fries and burgers in town.

Paul Patates — Montréal — Another longtimer, Paul Patates opened in 1958 and is a landmark in Pointe-Saint-Charles. What stands out here is the quality and freshness of their food. Among all the tasty snacks they serve, we come here especially for their steamies, delicious fries, and amazing poutines!

Patati Patata — Montréal — Patati Patata is a charming “Friterie de Luxe” that has been serving one of the best poutines in the city for over 20 years. Don’t be deceived by the small size – Patati Patata has a reputation of mythical proportions!

Gibeau Orange Julep — Montreal — Open since 1930, the Orange Julep is a Montreal staple. Stop by to try their famous orange juice, a Michigan hot dog, a burger, a poutine, or a breakfast plate!

La Cantine — Ascot Corner — The offer here is very impressive and so extensive that you might have a bit of difficulty choosing what to order. On the menu: several signature poutines, mac and cheese, pizzas, burgers, fried pickles, and more!

Chez Ma Tante — Montreal — “Chez Ma Tante is a historical monument in Montreal. Its legacy, which began in 1929, lives on. “Ma Tante” [my aunt] is real. Her name is Marguerite, and she’s your aunt too! Order a hot dog, and it will be served the same way Marguerite served it—steamed and with a warm smile.”

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