Burritos: The best addresses in Montreal

où déguster un burrito à Montreal calaveras

Where to enjoy a burrito in Montreal – Who doesn’t love burritos? No one, even though the origins of this delicious Mexican treat are unclear. Only one thing seems to be unanimous and that is the fact that the burrito is the result of the meeting between the culinary traditions of the Aztecs and those of the Spanish conquistadores; the latter would have garnished the already well established tortillas in Mexico. The name burrito is related to several legends. The most popular one is that the name burrito is attributed to a merchant who, during the Mexican Revolution, went from village to village to sell his preparations. He was accompanied by a small donkey: a burrito (donkey is burro in Spanish). The second one points to a street cook who, in the 40’s, prepared well-filled tortillas for the schoolchildren of the area. He called his young customers burritos; a title that emphasized the kids’ dunce-like nature.

Over the past few decades, the burrito has been quickly adopted in the United States and Canada, Montreal being no exception. The burrito is the perfect option for a satisfying lunch on the go. Its cylindrical shape makes it easier to eat than its smaller brother, the taco, even though it is larger. In fact, according to the burrito recipe, the tortilla is generously filled with meat, beans, tomatoes, spices, chili, onion and salad. It is for these reasons that Montrealers love burritos. And it is for these same reasons that we have prepared a list of the best places to eat a burrito in Montreal.

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Buen provecho!


Icehouse came about because one of the owners, Nick Hodges, couldn’t find a place that offered breakfast burritos. So it’s no surprise that burritos are a specialty of the house. In the evenings, the house makes burritos with grilled flank steak, chopped sweet potatoes, grilled or fried chicken, and our favorite, refried black beans (the famous “frijoles refritos”). As for Nick’s breakfast burrito, it’s only on the menu during special brunches; probably when he wants to eat one himself. Photo Steph Polic

51 Rue Roy Est

Tejano Burrito

The owners of Blackstrap BBQ in Verdun consider themselves burrito fans. The idea to open Tejano BBQ Burrito was born after a BBQ competition. “After each competition, we always had plenty of great meat left over. One day we made burritos with that meat and I thought, ‘Oh my God! These are the best burritos I’ve ever had. I could clearly sell those,'” Dylan Kier says. In December 2014, he and his girlfriend, Clara Barron, decided to open a burrito counter, Tejano BBQ Burrito, where they have been serving delicious burritos with quality ingredients ever since. Photo Tejano BBQ Burrito

511 Rue de Courcelle


Calaveras is a warm Mexican address located in Rosemont. Run by two charming owners, this restaurant offers delicious dishes at low prices. Among these, we find very good burritos. In the evening, you can enjoy them with meat or fish. For brunch, the house prepares a version with egg, cheese, chorizo, pico de gallo, and black beans. Alison Slattery

2040 Rue Beaubien Est

Café Cantina

Café Cantina is a very good Mexican restaurant in Pointe-Saint-Charles. Tacos, quesadillas, chilis, enchiladas and burritos, you can find everything in this charming little restaurant that offers a cuisine with a slight Californian touch. What we particularly like about the burritos at Cafe Cantina, in addition to their meat options, are the delicious vegetarian offerings: chipotle cheese and salsa, sweet potatoes, kale, butternut squash and the veggie mix (butternut squash, sweet potatoes, kale and cilantro). Photo by Alison Slattery

1880 Rue Centre

Mr. Azteca

Cette petite adresse charmante de la rue St-Hubert propose parmi les meilleurs burritos en ville! Cette adresse propose une cuisine mexicaine authentique et savoureuse. On la déguste dans un décor coloré avec un service amical. On aime aussi particulièrement leur birria quesadilla – à essayer absolument!

7349A Rue Saint-Hubert
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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