Eggs Benedict: Where to savour a hearty breakfast in Montreal

meilleurs oeufs bénédictines montréal

Where to savour the best eggs Benedict in Montreal? Whether over-easy, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, or made into an omelette, eggs are delicious and a quintessential part of breakfast. Sometimes, we feel a little extra and have them them on an English muffin, with smoked salmon and a good dollop of hollandaise sauce for a super satisfying and flavourful meal.

Few things are as simply delicious as an egg. That’s why it’s used so much in cooking for all sorts of reasons. From pastries to baked goods, from gourmet food to simple home cooking, there are eggs in the fridges and on the shelves of almost every kitchen in the world. Despite its ubiquity, the origin of some egg dishes remains uncertain. Along with sangria and iced coffee, eggs Benedict join the list of dishes with uncertain origins. In any case, this is a breakfast and brunch staple that we love and will continue to eat with the utmost pleasure. If you love this classic morning dish as much as we do, this list is for you! We’ve compiled our favourite places to eat eggs Benedict, from classic plates executed with brio to others that are more original but just as delicious.

Bon appétit to all and good morning!

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Le Vieux Vélo

Vieux-Vélo is back on our breakfast list, simply because the address prepares them so well. Their eggs Benedict are no exception, and are always a favourite with customers. Vieux-Vélo offers five variations of Benedicts, including one with a choice of ham, bacon or tomato, one with smoked salmon and one vegetarian, to offer a maximum of options to suit all flavours.

59 Rue Beaubien Est

L’Entre-pots Masson

Only two varieties of eggs Benedict are served at l’Entre-Pots Masson, but you can be sure that they go all out. Like the other dishes served at the restaurant, this breakfast is rich in flavour while remaining simple. For example, the eggs are served on roasted ham and ham on the bone, with caramelized onions and Swiss cheese, all served on a homemade potato and onion bread and covered with a creamy hollandaise sauce. A pure delight. A “poutine breakfast” version is also available, and it’s possible to have either dishes made vegan! photo Well

1995 Rue Masson

Bishop & Bagg

For brunch, Bishop and Bagg is offering its own version of eggs Benedict: the bélédictines. They’re made with prosciutto, Gruyere cheese, poached Eggs, on an english muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce. An original formula on a dish that we know so well. photo Bishop & Bagg

52 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Bistro le Passé Composé

The bistro Passé Composé has taken over the location of the Ma’tine and now offers brunches on a sunny terrace in the heart of the Village. You can enjoy eggs in every possible way, from crepes to waffles, sandwiches and more. However, the address takes the concept of eggs Benedict to another level, as the team transforms the dish made with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce into a real explosion of original and comforting flavours.

1310 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Le Toasteur Villeray

In the Villeray neighbourhood, there is a small but very nice place to eat. Simple and warm, le Toasteur serves classic breakfasts that are comforting and well executed. The address offers several options of eggs Benedict. The menu changes every months, but the eggs béné are always delicious!

767 Rue Villeray

Le Toasteur Villeray

Dans le quartier Villeray se cache une petite adresse bien sympathique. Simple et chaleureux, le Toasteur sert des déjeuners classiques réconfortants et bien exécutés. L’adresse propose plusieurs options d’œufs bénédictines qui changent tous les mois.

767 Rue Villeray
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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