Christmas Yule Logs: where to buy delicious yule log cakes in Montreal

Last update on June 03, 2021
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Christmas Yule Logs: where to buy delicious yule log cakes in Montreal

Somehow, it’s already time to turn our calendars to December, and we all know what that means – the holiday season has begun! For many, the holidays are all about taking time to rest, relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. For others, December is the season of hosting holiday parties and feasts for our loved ones and stressing over dinner menus and desserts. 

For those of us who identify more so with the latter, we have created this list with the intentions of reducing some of the anxiety that is so often associated with hosting a holiday party. This list highlights the best spots in Montreal to buy the perfect Christmas yule log, so with the stress of finding the perfect holiday dessert off of your shoulders, you’ll have the time to focus on what’s really important – celebrating with your loved ones!

If you’re not yet convinced that the yule log is the perfect dessert for your holiday party, a quick history lesson might do the trick. The yule log dessert has become an emblem of Christmas, surprisingly beating out other seasonal icons like Christmas trees, snowmen and holly. If you’re wondering why that is, the tradition dates back to the pre-medieval Iron Age when the Gaelic and Celtic people celebrated the Yule, a pagan festival honouring the arrival of the winter solstice, towards the end of December. During the festival, it was common to burn a huge wooden log adorned with mistletoe, pine cones and others wintery decorations. The log continued to burn in the hearth for days and its ashes were then collected by the family and were believed to provide protection for the upcoming year.

The advent of Christianity led to the continuation of this tradition, but on a smaller scale, as homes became smaller and smaller over time. Eventually, the tradition of burning the yule log came to a close, but it’s meaning was eternalized in a new holiday tradition – yule log cakes! 

We’re unsure of who was responsible for the first edible yule log, but we are forever grateful for their contribution to the Christmas we know and love today. 

In collaboration with Cacao Barry, a French company that has offered delicious chocolate to all corners of the world for over 170 years, we present to you our list of the best spots in Montreal to find your perfect yule log cake.  

If you’re looking for more great gourmet holiday suggestions, check out our lists of the best artisanal panettones in Montreal, as well as the best spots in the city to drink delicious hot chocolate.

Happy Holiday Season!


La Fabrique and La Boutique Arhoma are making their mark on Christmas this year with beautiful yule log cakes worthy of being the centrepiece on any holiday table. This year, La Fabrique is offering a classic yule log made with Quebec blackcurrant and chocolate, as well as an Ontario peach and gingerbread yule log and a citrus flavoured yule log. La Boutique Arhoma will be making yule logs of all kinds, including an apple, rosemary and fire cider log, a cherry and elderflower log, a hazelnut praline log, and a clementine and bergamot log. They’ve also made a more classic log with cranberries from Quebec, salted caramel and almonds, which is available only at the place Simon-Valois location.
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Lescurier Tradition Gourmande

Lescurier Tradition Gourmande has been serving up delicious French pastries in Outremont for over 20 years now. There are always great goodies to enjoy here, but especially so around the Holiday season. This time of year, you will find impressive yule log cakes of all kinds, including the Choco log (a chocolate genoise with fleur de sel caramel, dark chocolate mousse and salted ganache), the Choco-Framboise log (gluten free chocolate sponge with raspberry mousse and a raspberry confit), and the Tout Chocolat log (dark chocolate mousse, a dark chocolate ganache and a dark chocolate cake). You can also expect to see some brand new flavours this year, which include the Royale (dark and white chocolate mousse with crunchy praline), the Marron (A dacquoise cake with almonds, Chantilly cream, and chestnut paste), and the Passion Pisache (Bavarian vanilla cake, rolled with almonds and pistachios with a passion fruit and pistachio mousseline). You can find more information about each flavour here.
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Maison Christian Faure

Located in the heart of Old Montreal at Place Royale, Maison Christian Faure is where we come to enjoy some of the best French pastries in Montreal! Unsurprisingly, this special address offers excellent Christmas yule logs as well. This year, you will spot the Marron Glacé (vanilla genoa sponge soaked in amber rum and chestnut mousseline), the Royal Grand Cru (gluten free dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and Concordes chocolate covering), the Nutcracker (a sponge rolled with hazelnuts and praline) and finally, the Passion Framboise (ladyfingers, passionfruit mousseline, and raspberry confit). In addition, you can even order Christian Faure’s logs online.
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Mlles Gâteaux

Mlles Gâteaux is a charming local pastry shop on rue Villeray than prepares exquisite sweet treats for all occasions. To celebrate the holiday season, this pastry shop has created four holiday inspired desserts, including three delicious yule logs. As for the yule logs, you’ll find a traditional chocolate and vanilla rolled log with light cream, cake and chocolate ganache, a coffee flavoured log made up of a coffee sponge from Café Vito adorned with caramel, a caramel mousse, and a crunchy almond and hazelnut praline, and finally, a vanilla and strawberry log with a vanilla mousse and a madeleine cookie with lemon and strawberry confit. For prices and sizes, you can find all the information on the Mlles Gâteaux website.
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Marius et Fanny

This year, the Marius and Fanny pastry shop is offering six different Christmas yule logs!  The classic chocolate log is made up of a chocolate cake, chocolate mousseline and a creamy chocolate centre. The Mocha log includes a creamy coffee centre surrounded by coffee butter and a coffee and vanilla cake. The Marguerite log takes on a fruity flare, with its raspberry cake, mascarpone mousse and raspberry cream. La Provençale has a nougat heart contained under a chocolate mousse and a chocolate cake. La Poire Caramel is made of a vanilla cake, a pear mousse and fleur de sel caramel. Finally, the Chestnut log highlights the chestnut flavour with a confit and a chestnut mousse wrapped in a vanilla and rum sponge. You can find out more about what this address has to offer on their holiday menu here.   
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Le Paltoquet

This year, le Paltoquet has created four variations of the traditional Christmas yule log. If you are looking for a fruity dessert, the pistachio and wild fruit log or the strawberry and lime log are the ones for you. For those who prefer classic chocolate flavours, the house is offering a chocolate yule log with a light chestnut and rum cream as well as one for the purists, with chocolate and cocoa powder as the main flavours.
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Les Givrés

At Les Givrés, you will find six different yule logs this December. The Convoi de Macarons log features a chocolate sponge cake adorned with a panoply of chocolate-raspberry and vanilla-griotte macaroons. The Campfire log mixes caramel, almonds and chocolate around a heart of roasted marshmallows. The Pistachio and Strawberry log combines strawberry sorbet and pistachio ice cream with a moist gingerbread sponge cake and rhubarb compote. The Juste du Sorbet log is made up of mango, raspberry and lemon flavours wrapped around a vanilla sponge cake and redcurrant jelly. La Tropicale log mixes mango-passionfruit sorbet and coconut sorbet, caramelized pineapple jam, coconut sponge cake and passionfruit jelly. Finally, Les Givrées is also offering a vegan and gluten-free log, with blueberry-cassis sorbet, caramel and chocolate ice-cream, gluten-free genoise and blackcurrant jelly. Check out their website for information on all orders and requests!
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Marché Artisans

The Queen Elizabeth Artisan’s Market is offering 10 different varieties of yule logs this Christmas! You’ll spot three traditional logs: the traditional chocolate roll with a chocolate cake, a signature chocolate ganache and a forest fruit confit; the hazelnut praline roll with its hazelnut cake, hazelnut buttercream, and praline and caramelized hazelnuts; and the lemon meringue pie log, made up of a lemon cake, sour lemon cream and flambé meringue. You will also find seven more contemporary logs: the Kaos chocolate log with chocolate mousse and fondant on a chocolate sponge; the Embrun, which highlights the flavours of caramel through a caramel mousse paired with milk chocolate cream and chocolate cake; the Chestnut, pear and quince log, which has a delicious chestnut cake, chestnut mousse and pear and quince compote; La Provençale will surprise you with its olive oil cake, nougat mousse and fig and citrus confit; the Peanut log, which is comprised of vanilla cake, light peanut cream, and a strawberry and raspberry confit; the jasmine tea and yuzu log, which has a unique blend of almond and vanilla cake, a jasmine tea mousse and a yuzu and lemon confit; last but not least, you will find a chocolate, strawberry and calamansi iced log! There are never ending treats to discover at the Queen Elizabeth Artisan’s Market. 
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Once again, the King of Doughnuts is tackling the Christmas yule log challenge with two different flavours. The Four O’Clock log is made with a chocolate tea mousse, a honey-caramel roll and a crispy homemade granola. The Ruby log takes on a fruitier flavour, with a goat cheese mousse paired with a fig jelly, a spiced sponge soaked in mulled wine and topped off with ruby chocolate chips! All details about their yule logs can be found on the CRémy website. 
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Fous Desserts

A pretty pastry shop in the Plateau Mont-Royal, Fous Desserts offers its customers some of the best desserts in the city. The seasons are the primary influences at Fous Desserts when it comes to selecting flavours, and the kitchen uses products from Quebec whenever possible. Here, you can indulge in matcha cakes, financiers, half-baked cookies, chocolate mousse and countless other treats, including amazing yule logs during the holiday season. The logs at Fous Desserts include the Mori log, made up of matcha mousse and white chocolate, a matcha roll cake and a creamy tangerine, yuzu & hazelnut filling, the Maïdo log, which takes on more tropical flavours like Tahitian vanilla, pineapple and geranium, and finally, the Chocoverde log, which has a mixture of dark chocolate, lime, lemongrass and coconut!
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Patrice Pâtissier

The Patrice Pâtissier gourmet boutique first opened it’s doors in 2014, and they have been the go-to destination for Montrealers with a sweet tooth ever since. They are home to some of the best pastries in town, so it comes as no surprise that Patrice Pâtissier has come up with 3 incredible sounding yule log cakes for the holidays. The first of the three is the hazelnut praline and coffee yule log, which is made up of hazelnut mousse, coffee biscuit roulade, coffee infused Bahibe milk chocolate ganache, crispy praline and a soft hazelnut cake.  The second log is catered to the chocoholics of the world, and consists of an Alpaco dark chocolate mousse, a black sesame cake, cranberry jelly and a roasted sesame whipped cream. Last but not least, you’ll find the lemon flavoured yule log cake, which includes Opalys white chocolate mousse, sweet clover, a citrus cream and a soft lemon sponge.
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