Eska: Preserving the Environment, One Bottle at a Time

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Above all, Eska is a story with deep roots in Québec—an adventure that began in Abitibi more than 9,000 years ago when a glacier melted to become the Saint-Mathieu-Lac-Berry esker. The water we drink today is drawn from the esker’s own underground river. The spring continues to be fed by rainwater that is naturally filtered by the soil. If we still enjoy this magnificent resource today, it’s due in part to Eska’s efforts to ensure its preservation.

An Infinitely Renewable Life Cycle

Bottled water and environmental awareness don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but Eska was determined to reconcile the two. Yes, recyclable plastic bottles are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they are environmentally friendly. Eska chose to be part of the solution by becoming the first major bottler in the country to use bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. What exactly does that mean? When you buy Eska water, you can be certain that no new plastic was produced to manufacture the bottle. If everyone followed suit, we could stop generating new plastic for bottles altogether. We would like to see all bottling companies invest the same effort and take a step in the right direction.

Protecting the Esker: Eska’s No.1 Priority

Eska is on a mission to reduce its environmental footprint. The goal is to provide Quebecers with a local resource without disturbing nature. In other words, we don’t want to bite the hand that feeds us. It’s clear to us at Eska that we can no longer afford to let our activities negatively impact natural resources. In addition to using 100% recycled plastic, the company is doing its part for the environment by taking concrete steps to protect the Saint-Mathieu-Lac-Berry esker and surrounding forests. In this natural protected area, Eska is leading by example by observing higher conservation standards than required by law. It’s a way to give back to nature, which has given us so much.  

Making a Difference for the Future: Helping to Reduce the Production of New Plastic

We always prefer to avoid the use of plastic bottles, but they come in handy in many situations. If you forget your water bottle at home, be sure to check whether the bottle you are buying is made of recycled plastic and the water it contains is from a natural source. Choosing local water in a recycled bottle helps maintain the delicate balance that enables us to enjoy our resources sustainably.

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