12 ideas from C2 Montréal we found inspiring — presented by Car 2 Go

C2 Montreal

C2 Montréal 2019 was held from May 22 to the 24 in Pointe-Saint-Charles. For their 8th run, the event connected some of the most creative thinkers from over sixty different countries around the world.

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Through the 22 conferences, 47 collaborative sessions and 46 labs the were hosted by C2 Montréal, here are some ideas that we found particularly inspiring:

  1. “Stop talking, do something! And it’s better to do less of what is more meaningful than more of what is less meaningful.”– Mark Blanchard, a creative leader who has been working for more than 20 years to create memorable brand experiences for giants like IBM, Intel, GE, Nike and Absolut. He leads the experiential design practice of Havas’ global network and has helped launch Havas Cognitive, a service that encourages brands to harness the power of artificial intelligence and data to create meaningful consumer experiences. Marc teaches collaborative design at New York University.
  2. “The best ideas aren’t discovered in your office, they’re discovered in the most unusual of places. Your own gut always gives the best advise. “– Andy Nullman, former founder of Just for Laughs, founder of Airborne, founder of Play the Future.
  3. “Buying local is of categorical importance. Keeping your money local in necessary for change. The power lies within you.” – David Mcmillan, co-owner of Joe Beef, Liverpool House, Vin Papillon, Vin Mon Lapin and McKiernan Luncheonette.
  4. “There’s a huge disconnect between CEOs and customers! 80% of CEOs think their products are extraordinary, while only 8% of their consumers would agree.” – OfficeVibe
  5. “Out society doesn’t need more, it needs better.”– Give a seat
  6. “True leaders create leaders. Scalability is about letting go and trusting others.”– Dax Dasilva, the brilliant brain behind Lightspeed, a cloud-computing point-of-sale platform that serves customers in over 100 countries. Since its creation in 2005, Lightspeed has grown at the speed of light: the company now has more than 700 employees and 8 offices around the world. Dax has been able to ensure the company’s growth while preserving a culture where openness, diversity and innovation are at the forefront.
  7. “Awareness is good but you need to go further. Turn responsability into a reason to be.” – YARD Agency
  8. “There is a bridge between nations, and it is in space!”– David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency astronaut. David Saint-Jacques is the very embodiment of what one might call a polymath. This father of three is a passionate athlete who speaks five languages, is certified in scuba diving and commercial aviation, and has degrees in medicine, astrophysics and engineering. As an astronaut, David has participated in various scientific expeditions focused on geology, glaciology and spelunking, such as NASA’s NEEMO 15 underwater mission and the European Space Agency’s CAVES 2013 underground mission. David is currently on board the International Space Station, where he conducts extensive scientific research focused on biology, earth sciences, human research, physical sciences and the testing of innovative technologies.
  9. “We would rather be connected and starving than eat our fill and be alone. Isolation is one of the worst things a human being can experience. (…) Have a purpose. Know your customer. Be human.vA brand isn’t about selling a product, it is about expressing a cohesive system of beliefs.”– Debbie Millman, acclaimed brand consultant, award-winning designer and former President of the Design Division and Marketing Director at the renowned consulting firm, Sterling Brands. Here, she has worked with more than 200 of the world’s leading brands on projects such as the redesign of Burger King and Star Wars products.
  10. “We have to reprogram ourselves to understand inclusivity. I think sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and the most powerful thing is to learn how to cook.” – Marcus Samuelsson, award-winning chef, restaurateur (including Red Rooster Harlem, Red Rooster Shoreditch, Marcus B & P, and MARCUS), author and well-known television personality.
  11. “Technology and imagination are inseparable. If we are unable to imagine what we want the future to look like, we will be unable to build it.”– Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist and innovator, channels his creativity towards the creation of a more responsible and sustainable future. At Studio Roosegaarde, his social design laboratory, Daan and his team of designers and engineers explore the relationship between people, technology and space through fascinating and imaginative projects that aim to improve our daily quality of life.
  12. “What scares me the most is not what climate change will do to us, it’s what we will do to each other.”-Jamie S. Margolin, only 17 years old, activist and founder of This is Zero Hour. An essential resource for budding activists, this movement’s mission is to make the voices of young people heard in conversations about climate change by organizing massive demonstrations around the world. Jamie is one of 13 plaintiffs suing Washington State for failing to adequately protect the environment. His first book, Youth to Power, will be released worldwide in 2020.

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