Ryú Peel : Downtown fast-casual sushi bar

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Ryú Peel is a fast-service sushi bar located in the heart of downtown Montreal where lunches and dinners can be eaten at Ryú Peel or dishes can be ordered as take out.

Ryú means « dragon ». David Dayan, the owner, is offering a concept based on casual eating but with fast service. This is halfway between the table service restaurant and the fast food restaurant. It works like this : the customer is greeted at the counter as in fast food restaurants, but the quality of the food on offer is better researched, the number of choices more diverse, the decor more slick, and the price tag higher – considerably so.

Ryú Peel is a modern and minimalist space, designed by the architect Huma. It seats 19 at the bar and tables – an ideal layout for this formula.

The chef, Haruo Ogura, prepares a simple menu à la carte or at the omakase table d’hôte, allowing the customer the opportunity to taste a good number of specialities. The emphasis is placed on the traditional nigiri; we particularly recommend the uni wagyu (sea urchin and Japanese beef) and the wagyu nigiri (Japanese beef), which are true luxurious delicacies! Ryú Peel also offers pokes from $17 to $18, makis, wine, sake and beer. The prices range between $19 and $49 for lunch – and Tastet would like to thank Ryú Peel for the invitation. The sushi bar also offers a high-end take-out service, suggesting combinations of several specialties that are packed in a designer-box made of recycled cardboard. If you are in a hurry, order by phone and then come by to pick it up.

The restaurant serves fresh fish of the day from 100% sustainable sources and/or from certified origins. Ryú Peel follows their own stated goal of « Manger Ryú », based on three principles: food, residuals and community sustainability. All their fish are caught in the wild or come from responsible salmon farms and certified « Ocean Wise ». Ryú Peel has, therefore, its own Ocean Wise certification. In addition, all packaging is made from 100% recycled and compostable materials. Finally, the sushi bar is associated with RepasRelais and donates to help provide meals to needy children. And with great pride, David Dayan adds that Ryú Peel is « somewhat more than a restaurant because of its ability to combine the traditional with today’s trend, while still paying attention to the environment ».

We recommend Ryú Peel if you are wanting to eat good sushi or if you are looking to order a lunch for the office or a healthy dinner.

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